Friday, November 30, 2012

Write and Rong

Labels define and divide
Labels draw lines, people pickin' sides
Labels, lines, all just signs of the times
Labels that oughta be left behind

Theist and Atheist
Eternal bliss arguin' with coincidence
and the whole time our earthly bonds dismissed
 -Ists and -Isms givin' way
to clenched fists and schisms
Pickin' fights with our brother
not seeing we're all one, not the other.

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels making day seem like night
Labels make two sides and fix 'em for a fight

Left against Right taking on the battle
between the darkness and the light
One claims disaster
The other, calamity
A house divided, but still only one family

Labels bent to mislead
Labels to lies that plant the seed
Labels meant to deceive
Labels label the deception achieved

Socialist and Capitalist
Each a man of the people
Each fueled by a greed unbelievable, borderline evil
Both in the same ivory tower craving power
Forging an iron fist,
Each with names on his list
Both got dissidents shackled at the wrist
"Enemies" of the state that won't be missed

It just keeps going
Line after line,
Label after label,
Even some I missed,
but by now you get the gist
Labels gettin write and rong
crossed and crissed

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels draw lines and divide
Labels that stick all the way to the otherside
Labels, lines, just signs of the times that oughta be left behind.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Fighting for freedom around the world
Pushing homeland views twisted and curled

Heroes rule the day
Our politicians like to say
Heroes sent to fight, sent to die
With no question why
Or what its for when
War is the norm
Just bow down and conform

Forget the coming storm
This is why they were born
Heroes with guns destroyin' lives
Heroes dropping bombs til nothin' survives
Heroes fighting for lies contrived
Heroes alive becoming dead inside

Used like tools of the trade
Recruiters call them easy prey
Ya know
Young American, proud, and brave
A peasant, a pawn, a slave
Fighting on the wrong side of a bet somebody made
Heroes sent to an early grave

Heroes fighting for the cause
Somethin' bigger than international laws
Never a fight for profit, never a grudge
No, our fight is just
A hero's moral must
So says a crooked judge

Commercials gloss over the loss and the mess
Never giving a clear view of the teenager with a hole in his chest,
Or the kid eating through a tube in his neck
None of that, no, just pay that hero some respect
(and mail in that tax check)

Heroes facing "clear and present" dangers
from distant strangers gettin' sent back
in a flag wrapped container
Sons without a savior
leavin' but a physical remainder

Pull the pin, launch the grenade
Wars like trainwrecks every decade
A broken record charade
And I gotta say
Uncle Sam be damned
War after war plotted and planned
"defending freedom" is all the people understand

From jungles to beaches and deserts of sand
The Koreas to Viet-nam
Columbia, Cuba, and the Caribbean
All around the world, heroes defending freedom again and again

Heroes sent to fight
in wars with no end in sight
Stuck in a tunnel with no light
All with no one to stand up
And ask why our boys gotta die defending lie after lie after lie

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Law is the Law They Say

The law is the law they say
If you want to change it, there's a way
It's so easy, you can start today!

Just spend all your money
Just take all your time
Just lobby congress
Just untangle the global mess
Endure the stress, spend the year
and fight real hard when the election draws near

Forget reason, it's election season!
The law is the law, anything else is treason!
The slick tongued puppet in his robe
Dressed in black and missin' his frontal lobe
Gonna use his seat to suppress the defense
Look's like the truth didn't cover the rent.
Justice is blind (and dumb) is what they must've meant

The law is the law they say
And these law abiding criminals just can't stay
Nevermind they're just ordinary people
working an honest day
makin' what they pay
No, nevermind that.
They're criminals and they gotta learn
So the fires burn
And the choppers fly
Freedom goes up in smoke
For another unlucky guy

Just rise to the top overnight
Just join the inner circle and convince them you're right
Just endure the plight
Just bow to the military might
Freedom? How trite.

Forget right and wrong
All the people better dance
When they play the king's song
Dance and play along
Boy just forget about right and wrong

The law is the law they say
Don't break it boy or you're gonna pay
Now get on your way
Listen boy, no more questions today
Now seriously, go away

Ignore the things caused by the
Laws signed by white skin
of the upper class
A division built to last carried by
the backs of the colored class

Prohibition through attrition
With answers still missin'
A sinister mission aiming for division
A product of men's twisted vision

Really, just change the law, you know
Just change your entire life
Just to change a law causing strife
Turn your back to face the knife
Give your life to the cause
Disagree? You've got the power to change those laws...

The law is the law they say
get caught with the plant and you're goin' away
and you'll find your life on auction just down the way
Call them assets seized and you'll see a PD pleased
A kickback countin' judge at ease
Greedy eyes with dollar signs is all I see
among a people who forgot they once were free.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just One Drop

On day one
just one drop
could make you hop
it was an easy score
Livin' knowin' there was more

Back then the dragon was your toy
A thing you thought ya could sometimes enjoy
As the years grew his claws dug into you, now they pierce right through
Today he's your master and life is spinnin' faster faster faster speedin' towards disaster

A slave and his master on tour
and the fix aint so quick
can't make it stick
The scar tissue is gettin' thick
so ya don't feel the prick

Life is upside down
when you fly high
you sink and drown
get planted in the ground

Time for the show
and you can't be found
the line, full of fans groovin'
to your sound

Your heart refuses to pound
found in your closet, man you've lost it
you bought the farm
not with charm, but that there needle in your arm

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Rumble and the Crack

The rumble and the crack
5 day thirst and whip on my back
Livin' under a random point of impact
The shells leave nothin' intact

Movin' forward, lookin' back
I attempt to correct my contempt
I look to reconcile my denial 
And I find I can't
Lookin' through a view of bars and no regret
The blood on my hands take me to the days I'll never forget
The days of the rumble and the crack

Things taken away that can't be brought back
Buildings crumble and the bodies burn black
And then its
and Play it again, Jack
Again, and again, and again

Facing an iron fist
built by years of our complacent ignorance
We play a game of chance
challenging the devil's stance
Unified rants fall on deaf ears
and eyes blind to circumstance

Day in day out
The women scream and the men shout
It's Ready. Aim? Fire!
We gotta light the fuse, cut the wire
The rumble then the crack
more rubble as the bodies stack

Living in a living hell
When the only question is
"How many papers can it sell?"
Black, white, and red
How many fell?

The reports for profit
doin' nothing to stop it
Just a story to tell
of unguided shells
of the anger in our city and how it swells
Readers compelled by the violence and a funeral bell

So we face the havoc they wreak
Our future grim and bleak
When ya hear these words
does your anger peak?
Do they touch a rebel streak?
Use your ears and open your eyes
They will provide the answers you seek
Turn the other cheek?
Nah, They sowed the seeds they reap

Facing the rumble and crack
Where death and destruction meet
It's lock, load, and repeat
Oil the machine
Grind the meat
The devil bent to level
The people on every corner
of every street

It's attack and counter attack
as our cities burn black
Gone too far to turn our back
Firm in our defiance, the violence won't force our silence
As we face the rumble and the crack

Living on the Evening News

That doesn't sound right?
Whats that alarm?
What's broken?
Man, tell me you're jokin'
Say you were chokin'
Maybe a word misspoken?

The gates are open, so much for hopin'
Don't you know, that's when the oil spills?
Call, the boss. He'll say "It's fine, really, never mind"
He'll just cover it with dollar bills
It'll give us time to run for the hills

The people still don't know the score
What harm is there?
Only animals live on the ocean floor
Yeah, open the door
We'll spread it
We'll call it Corexit
Then we'll head for the exit

Ehh, nevermind the currents
But those people one shore
may wanna find health insurance

Well, for now we've dragged our secret asunder
Hiding our blunder
from their eyes
Facing black magic demise
another slice of the world dies

Well, at least for now
no one knows
And we can ride the profit flows
I mean, who knows how long it will take
for everyone to see what was at stake

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Over and Over, Each in a Different Place

Every three years we take a year off
To decide, if you will, a grand run off
of two men who stand face to face
Each without his plan
or eyes to see future time and space
Saying the same things over and over
Each in a different place

An entire year we waste on this superfluous race
12 checks for the rent, nothing gets done, but the money gets spent
The people watch the circus and even play along
between bits of idle chatter
We cast our votes as if we matter
But so it is as we see, the last laugh always goes to the hatter

I don't mean to forget about the years between
Nothing really gets done then either, it seems
But the people really lose it every three
Like they're stuck in a fantasy, a dream
A sequence of flashes that make a perfect scene

A campaign of misdirection
Err. I mean an historical election...
built with a message ever repetitious
driven by a greed surreptitious
A process downright vicious
Yet on it goes
with another spending record shattered
By the end
Your ears and eyes shredded and tattered
A message embedded and a brain splattered

The months pass and the bullshit piles on
But that might be the point all along
Dontchya know? It's what they use on the Lawn.
Call it recycling because the money's gone.

Speaking as one, appearing as two
Each asshole on that stage is looking out boy, just for you
And in another 300 days you'll get to choose
Just not until you've heard the same thing 300 times from the evening news

I know it's trite, but we see
Another bicker, another fight
Everyone's wrong, everyone's right
Flip floppin' like the days turn to night
And can I add, if I might, I see irony in the labels left and right
Each side towin' the line "It's a battle between the darkness and the light."
Hear the truth crunch and grind
Facts twisted and maligned
Lines signed and dispensed
Nothing but nonsense
"You'll starve!" One says
"No, they'll go hungry!" replies the other
It's like watching an only child fight his brother
And the whole thing happens while people actually suffer

Yet every three years we take a year off
To decide, if you will, a grand run off
of two men who stand face to face
Each without his plan
or eyes to see future time and space
Saying the same things over and over
Each in a different place

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Only Another Victim of Just Another War

Can't feel the hole, it doesn't hurt
Soul, fresh from the desert
Senses heightened, still alert
Don't feel the sand, the mud
Hands stained with innocent blood
Try to remember,
How'd it go?

The Humvees roll
Machine gun hand takin' his toll
No time to stop, one by one makin' the bodies drop
As the fifty sings its song, Pop, Pop, Pop!

Back at base, count 'em up
Pete got three, Dave bagged a few
and we see Wheelman got one too!
The tires, the grill, all covered in human goo
and Private, it's you who
gets to clean the dead from the tire tread
Now get to work maggot, you heard what the commander said

Seein' things you never thought you'd see
No longer blind to reality
This is no game or commercial on TV
Out here the people bleed
To survive is to succeed
in the land where the devil feeds

It's clear they lied
Said all they said so you'd sign, (Fuckin' dotted line...)
Now you're fighting with hands tied and eyes blind
But the money isn't bad and the training was fine
Just fall in line, one more year and you'll have done your time

Hearing critics say,
He's just,
American, proud, and brave
A tool of the trade
A peasant, a pawn, a slave
The wrong end of a bet somebody made
Another son buried in an early grave

Next run, you're on the gun
A city burns in the desert sun
and before you know the sniper's work is done
A hole in your chest
the taste of blood and all the rest
The commercial never gives a clear view of the mess

Never quite clear what you signed on for
But that was all, there is no more

Now you're just
Another body on the floor
Another tally on the score
Another unfinished tour
Another knock on the door
Another mother who can't take it anymore
Another lesson we'll ignore
Another victim of
Another war

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Must Be High

The weed to fill my need
All that power in a tiny seed
A packed punch indeed
It makes me beg and plead
On my knees cryin' please!
I can sip from the still,
The pill can kill
Yet I can't have the plant?

You'll have to excuse my rant
but I can't lean to the hypocrite slant
Just my two cents against some scant evidence
getting a clear view of what freedom represents

And so I'll go without a sound
movin' underground
with little chance of being found

Wired lights, cloudless days and the darkest nights
The bulb burns and my soul ignites
Just why is my remedy
a public enemy?
A victim of conspiracy
Falsely accused and demonized
Facts trivialized
over years of tears and silenced cries

The War is on, it's all around
A lie and no questions why
Coppers with choppers and pill poppers
goin' round n' round
lettin' the bullets fly
Puttin' one another in the ground

Nonetheless, my heart glows
and my garden grows under their nose
With my vision clear the scheme appears
I see the profit flows through the warrior state
Running circles as they investigate
mutilate, and manipulate the truth
A plan to intimidate, incarcerate, and rehabilitate
the "misguided" youth

The time has passed when
We could just stop and stare
We've gotta replace the nightmare
of drones in the air
with a dream tinted green
I mean
We've gotta see it for what it is
A prohibition rooted in ambition
borne by a state in ill condition
greedy men on a mission
and a people beat to submission

Monday, August 20, 2012

Faith Makes Them Do What They're Told

A lie applied
with a truth denied
Ya god died and Jesus never rose to life
Yet the lies thrive twisting the thoughts in ya mind

When ya god came to be
It took 'em all of 500 years
but eventually
They called it first century AD
Somewhere in between
They snapped his neck
Got ya bowin' to an ancient shipwreck
Somewhere in between
They cut the scene
Bit by bit
They schemed to
Malign the dream
Ain't nothin what it seems

They splice the body of Christ
With the head of a demon
Yet ya on ya knees believin'
The lies
Looking the skies
Buying what ya been told
Soul been sold
Man, ya got the darkness
Takin hold

Centuries of maligned minds
perpetratin' genocidal crimes
That time and next time
How about this time?
Who pays for the blood ya spill
pursuin' ya righteous kill?

Punishment? Reward?
Finger on the trigger
Hand on the sword
Handin' down hate like a genetic trait
All in the name of the lord

Hittin' the 'Ridge to find
there ain't a miracle bridge
Hung like the albatross
The gotchya sippin' the sauce

Devils in the shadow of the cross, the crescent
Days past and days present
They organize and devise
from another room
innocence cries as a childhood dies

Lies internalized
Blind eyes cast to the skies
It's a sickness I despise
They say belief is relief
but the illusion is fleeting and brief
Now ya slave to the evil beneath

You wonder what I am
when it's you who sank instead of swam
The one who bought the plan
And now ya can't unplug
Ya grave been dug
And despite what ya think ya god's design may be
Ya mind, ya body, and ya soul ain't flyin free

Friday, August 17, 2012

Worn Feet with a Sturdy Soul

On the path
Finding my way
A salty breeze
on a sunny day
On the road, my body begs to play

Morning dew
on scattered leaves
Beaming light
through the fog and trees
All passed along the path
as it winds and weaves

We travelers come and go
As the seasons change
Sun, rain, and snow
The path, the way, the ebb and flow

On the path
with singing birds, high pitched words
of the robins, wrens, and jays
Cubs at play or a lonesome stray
On the road is where I'll spend my day

Along the road, nature shows
Clouds roll and the wind blows
A mother's rage, on the road
she's judge and jury
On the path, wrath and fury

On the path
Finding my way
Rules of the road
and a toll to pay
Ever short on change
On the road, where my soul eats and prays

For all that's lost
and all that's gained
A journey through the shadow, the joy, and pain
My soul the world will never tame

And so until it's my time to lay
I'll follow the path
I'll find the way
Be it through darkness
Or by light of day
It's on the road
I'm bound to stay

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birdseye View

Ya don't see the black beneath
the road paved gold
It wraps ya soul
and ya body can't pay the toll

Never see the hawk
as he stalks from high in the air
As your speakers blare
ya wheels spin by
Rockin' with a grin
as clouds fill the sky

Pursued by ya sin
darkness surrounds
as the grounds split
This is it 
A fire been lit
and it becomes clear

There is no shelter here

Hunting by wire way up high
The thunder rolls droppin' fire from the sky
Lockin' on with his song
Hackin' with his axe
Man, he's hot on ya tracks

Lookin' back
Wings flappin'
while ya speed is lackin'
Wrong side of a smokin' gun
A fate ya can't outrun
now ya facedown in the street
strickin' by the heat
of his righteous beat

Down and out
with a whimper not a shout
Ya blood mixes the mud
Images flood
before ya eyes
A puddle reflection
bearin' witness to a lonesome demise

Gone quick as he came
Ya been shackled with the ultimate ball and chain
Last thoughts in ya brain,
darkness despair, pain

The shock serves
quietly kills the nerves
Ya grasp for ya last gasp
of air in the cold rain
now only ya body remain
No change and ya soul
can't pay the toll

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day and Night (With Our End in Sight)

All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

Open the tap, let it flow
Watch it burn
Admire the ember glow
It's a process slow
Though, on and on it's bound to go

Feel the thrill as the drills drill
and the pumps pump
The fires burn
and it's never enough

What he claims today
ruined for tomorrow
What time we have
is time we borrow
Time and time again
we set the stage
for regret and sorrow

The wheels spin
and the stock prices jump
The rain begins to burn
and it's never enough

Think? Why bother?
Poison the water
Catch the fish
Mercury, Lead, and a second head
make for a tasty dish

Metal wings soar over
mountains of stuff
Our cities burn
and it's never enough

Fill the air with
whatever we dare
Brown clouds to make the natives cough
and the travelers stare
A time bomb ticking on a world set to burn
A fire we can share

The bullets spray
and our spirits slump
Our skin burns
and it's never enough

Broken record on a single track
From beginning to end, then back
More of everybody
More for everybody
Grow Grow Grow
Mine Mine Mine
Stuck on loop
Always playin' the same ol' lines

And so it is
As it goes
All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

Monday, August 6, 2012

No Shelter

Hidden in the sky
In the clouds looking down
A mechanized battle cry
The steel eye
The satellite spy
Gonna enhance and magnify

He's got the time to analyze and track
To plan his attack
Ya won't know when to react

Monitor the situation
from a remote location
Rotating pilots in for the duration
Finally! Confirmed the target!
As the pilot's hands shakin' with anticipation

Far from the mutilation
A sense of elation, gratification
as the order been sent from the broadcast station
Got the target lockin' on
The steel eye singin' the predator song

Target acquired
Missile armed, ready to fire
Claimin' what he desires
droppin' demise from the skies
The steel eye gonna bag his prize 

Let loose a havok wreakin' shot
Ordinance comin' in hot
Jet streakin', heat seekin'

with no need to laser designate the spot

Strike success
On the ground
a mess, strife, and distress
and an easy lie to the press
A big fucking mess

Spin cycle denial
and forget a trial
Put the machine to the test
What was the problem?
Bad intelligence?
What can we expect from those living in tents
when we buy every story the hungry man invents

This time and that time
the steel eye
he got it wrong
Today we snuffed a couple dancin' to their wedding song
and I gotta know,
How long can this go on?
How long will you play along?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Those Aware,

How many times
can we rhyme
Same with Change
when we write to complain?

For those aware
Things can't stay the same
Change is in the air
We gotta find our groove
It's time to move
Forget the news and their wreckin' crews
The game they play is lose-lose
If ya look, your feet ain't glued
and if they are, step outta your shoes!

But then again, what's the point?
Always a call to action
without any traction
playin' to "victims" of the mass distraction

They say "Someone tricked 'em"

But there are no victims
Just a line of volunteers
Acquiescing steers
Slaves to gratification and primal elation
nothing but meat on its way to station
destined for two slices of bread
Standin' in single file denial
waitin' for a bullet in the head

For those aware,
smoke already fills the air
All that was,
up in flames
as we take
all that is
and burn it down

I say we watch it go
Admire the glow
I mean, enjoy the show
because change for the worse
is change all the same
and we only have ourselves
to blame

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daze of Rememberance

Drop the needle
don't let go
Have another go, another time
I'm watchin' as ya light fades from its shine

Traffic screechin' on  a dime
I'm reachin' with my rhyme
In the darkness ya can't find the sign
Can't think back to another time
when we thought we'd come alive

Lost, our minds twist and writhe
Life, a one headlight drive
down a dead end road
Thinkin' back to all we didn't know
to a time when our souls burned
with that bright eyed glow

Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Away, Look Around

Driven mad by the drummer's sound
His beat takes ya up and up
while gravity pulls ya down
Walls closin in
Stuck in a tailspin
crashin' headlong into the ground

A rocky mountain way
or a rocky bottom on the way
brought today by the choices ya make
and ya won't be saved by the pills ya take

Deny, deny, deny
Plug your ears
Shut your eyes
Ignore it long enough
to make it to the other side

Rampant disease and mouths to feed
Those in need left to bleed
by those consumed with greed

Ya mind locked up
in the land of the free
Can ya hear their plea?
Livin' in a society
bent against reality,
there's a few things
we've gotta open
our eyes to see

Saturday, July 28, 2012


That god and his damned dirty apes
Filled with hate and never giving thanks
Last time he loosed the flood
This time he'll roll the tanks
That god and his damned dirty apes

Make no mistake
It'll just take and take
Because those stinkin' paws
belong to a damned dirty ape

See the evil taking shape
Murder and rape from those damned dirty apes
Born into this world with no escape
Just a bunch of damned dirty apes
Facing their god, a power irate

A bunch of damned dirty apes
on their knees to beg and plead
for want they want
Never saying thanks
for having what they need

An idea bound to spread
A bounty for you, then a bounty on your head
spill it all, make the river run red
or will it be disease instead?
A creative god bent
to tear it down
when those damned dirty apes
ignore what he said.

Baked bread
or projectile lead
It doesn't matter what you do
you damned dirty apes
will all end up dead.

See all he gave? Grip all he'll take
Hold on tight and give thanks,
You damned dirty ape.

Friday, July 27, 2012


3:20 and I got another hour
Yearnin' for the
Flowers with the power,
My girls Sour and Sweet,
MmmMmm, what a tasty treat

In outta the cold, off the street
I Imagine, I dream.
From a light above my head
comes a beam of hope
shining down growing most wonderous dope

Are they ready? Nope!
Getting down lookin' through my scope

Equal parts Sun and Moon
beautiful in bloom
No worries,  they'll be there soon

As the hour of light turns half to night
Autumn showers
bring those forgetful flowers
From the roots to the stem
up grows a hazy gem
A jewel I highly recommend
Always in luck
My girls got the trunk with the funk
and they don't mind when I call it skunk
Punch drunk and
I just gotta show it,
one taste and you'll know it
One bite of that forbidden fruit
and I knew my love was absolute.

I can see it now
someway, somehow
In a dream tinted green
if ya know what I mean
I got my eyes to the skies
and my feet on the ground
I embark with a spark in the dark
I light up, and the ganja burn down
I ain't greedy, and ya know it ain't seedy
So let's get together and pass that shit around!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day to day, just the norm
Lies like flies swarm the truth
Pictures and sounds to corrupt the youth

On ya hands the blood dries
As another dies
A mother cries
Don't turn your head
Don't close your eyes

Twisted and curled
The ramblings of a hell bent world
Hell bent to find the end
As we test all that will break and bend
I stand here looking simply for a friend.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sand Below My Feet

The Sand Below My Feet

In a world with no beat
my soul yearns and burns
in the desert heat

Years of blood and tears
Soak the sand below my feet
Into my heart the anger and pain begin to creep

Ringing in my ears, all our worst fears
From the sky the bullets fly
Boys die, "god why?!"
but that ain't the worst
bombs and a three round burst
The family thirst as another gets hauled off in a hearse

Justice laggin, foreign boys be
Fraggin, taggin, baggin
The bodies in the Sun left to roast, the suits toast
Nowhere to run, grab your gun

Our cries dismissed so we raise our fist
Our world turned to pink mist, you get the gist
Despair fills the sandy air
Over there, that bomb missed

They didn't see and I know
Oh I know
I might be next,
it could be me

For no other options
we'll meet the giants with defiance
we'll greet their violence
as history is ever on repeat
I say in this land of desert heat
Many giants have met defeat.

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A rhyme of some kind every day and we'll be going a fine way!