Sunday, May 19, 2013

National Security is a Nice Way of Saying Personal Interest

Hurry, plug the dike, block the site
When the truth is Oscar Mike
Sam's gotta move quick to stop the leak
Makin' an example of 'em week after week
Lettin' 'em know, Sam ain't gonna turn the other cheek

When the whistle blows
And the light shines on the havok they wreak
Sam can't be caught lookin' weak
And he figures that
Every now and then
Justice deserves just a little peek.

He'll pillage and plunder under the cover of the law
While Freedom takes a rock to the jaw
Uncle Sam cuttin' her down
with his daggers and claws
But he don't worry
Because the citizens too distracted to stop and give pause
They'll stop and wonder, "Who enacted those laws?"
'Cause there never lookin' up from the screen to see the source of the scream
Never seein' what they should've saw
Buyin' tickets to hear the siren's call

It's the story and the show we've all come to know
The Boss didn't know, so it goes
But they flex to arrest the flow
1984' knockin' atchyo' do'
As they vie and spy for total contro'
Diggin' til they find what they wanna know
Strippin' away the layers of our soul
Claimin' their siege is Constitutional

Ya better think, but don't blink
Watch 'em move quick to get a distraction into action
The process is pretty slick, I'll admit
Made easy in this world of point and click
Sam's a chef cookin' up a story built for traction
Something with a guaranteed reaction
That'll draw the lines and divide the factions

Who cares what it is
So long as it brings back that sense of bliss
Anything to keep us from raisin' our fists
Too much attention to their ugly reflection
is somethin' they don't wanna risk
in this game of electronic stop and frisk

He's got the tools
lookin' for the parts
to make the fix
The grid's goin' dark
until he can nix
what's on that disk

From the top leakin' to the bottom
Ya can see where the free flow of information becomes a problem
But who's gonna stop 'em?
Rulin' with a black list iron fist
Sam's lockin' up citizens like they won't be missed
He's got shackles for all our wrists
If we step out to raise our voice or clench our fists

Anytime he's caught he shows us
Power is bought and sold
Step outta line and he'll
offer a reminder of just how many
his prisons can hold

Change for the worse, is change all the same
And our name bears the shame of this charade
The winds of change are blowin' cold
And if we don't stand firm and bold
I wonder, how much time
have we got before we're too old?