Monday, November 11, 2013

If We Would Remember

Country song on radio playin'
" Freedom isn't free and it's war that keeps on payin'! "

Da fuq is the machine sayin?

We remember the fallen and forget why they fell
American eyes mesmerized by the red and white of the body blue as it lies
with 21 guns pointin' to the skies
Firin' drowning a mother's cries
The tears well and our ego swells
to 21 guns and a funeral bell

Honor the vets and forget why they went
Don't question the war or what it was for
Just call it freedom's check for the rent
Nevermind the blood bein' spent
All vets go to Heaven, don't forget

Get 'em while they're young
and they'll attract to ya
Sights and sounds comin' atchya'
Promises and propaganda
Enthrallin' the young hearin' that duty callin'
"Get the training for the slayin' and maimin'
to rise above your generation!
You'll be home once the war ain't ragin',
just sign the line on the page....
 'n' there'll be no escapin' "

From Gulf to Gulf we've been at it again and again
Spirits of the fallen forgotten still hauntin' 
Nailin' Saddam's coffin, Chasin' the ghosts of Tonkin
Ya see the web of lies we're caught in?
Engulfed in the flames of the past
that never quit ragin'
Change the names of the cast,
there's always an enemy to be engagin'

Winnin' freedom from wars we didn't win
Rewind and play it again
Keep the sheep enlistin' just change the mission
Buy that youthful ambition with omission
and keep the gears spinnin' 
"We're America, We're made for winnin'!"

20 vets a day choosin' to end the pain their own way
Not fallen, but forgotten by empty promises
and training that didn't translate to the offices
Often left on the corner with needs they can't meet
The tragedy comin' complete
with over seas defeat
and suicide over livin' on the street

On and on it drags, as we ready the next attack
Brother's and sons buried one by one,
each with his story to tell
Jungles and deserts, the sights and smells
All turned to a mortal's portal to Hell
This Veteran's day, ignore the source
of the flag wrapped body bags
Just salute and ring the bell
Remember the fallen,
Forget why they fell

Friday, November 8, 2013

Privacy Catastrophe for All the World to See!

Stretching my legs after a short break! Thanks for reading!

Livin' by a policy of self assurance insurance
Day after day its rationalized reassurance

"What I made is mine!"

Pathetic and blundering is another way to term it
Your rants confirm it, as I watch ya flip, flop, and pivot
What an effort you give it!
Swallowing the blue one to relieve the pressure of reality
bearin' down on your fantasy
Just close your eyes and your mind
Keep livin' deaf, dumb, and blind

It's just fine that you're the best at what you do
but sometime you gotta stop and think of those you're doing it to
The choices you make might take years to unfold
And by then you'll be grey, wrinkled, fat, and old
While those who's story ya told have to deal in a world just as real
with a future where their past was published and sold

What ya do will never be right
When ya violating individual rights
no matter how much ya rant, argue, and fight
But I've got this creepin' feelin' that
your receiver ain't detectin' the message I'm sendin'
But if ya catch its echo in ya reflection
little introspection is my suggestion to you
But the signals in these syllables ain't goin' through
'cause you're totally the best at what you do
How could someone have insight clearer than you?

Hell unleashed, hell breaking loose
The resonance of dissonance
ringing in ya mind,  enamel gears on the grind
as ya read these words and find
The fantasy you're livin' is on the line
As ya keep runnin' from passin' time

Talking about responsibility, just look how "grown up" you seem
Then assuming none for the consequences yet to be seen
Remember pictures from before you were a teen?
How you'd scream when your mom would show someone
that picture from your first Halloween?
But here ya are, never thinking about the damage done to the young
with actions that can't be undone
'cause your 24/7 priority is actually #1

Digital affection and attention are the fix
The high comes quick but it never sticks
The feelings fade as ya spin the disk
Blundering comments and revealing pics
Day in day out never stoppin' to think
"Who might see that? Who might read this?"
Or answering to "Where was your daughter last seen?"
In the aftermath of an abductor's scheme

You gotta wake from your dream
But instead ya attempt to defend
But in the end ya remain ever aged
wishing to bathe in ya faded fame
Treating you and yours like one and the same
All in the name of fleeting affection,
love and attention in the digital age
Failing to perceive the building collection of parental misdirection
line after line, page after page all open to public inspection
You'll deserve all you receieve, all the disgust and inattention
when you learn the meaning of adolescent rage and teenage rejection

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Age, High Time

I think it
When I see it
So I write it
I can't fight it
So I let it flow
But ya know I can't sing it
So I just grip the Mic and bring it
Go ahead make a thing of it
Call me a poet, full of shit
Fighting with a slow wit
Tearing ya world apart bit by bit

The world's gonna spin
And the sun is gonna shine
Gravity pulls and on rolls our measure of time
Mine were the days behind
And the future is yours
Though I'll keep living through my words
Hittin ya verse after verse
Line by line
Even when my soul's
Whisperin' among the pines

Things I've written of the things I've seen
A mix of fantasy, reality
Nightmares and dreams
I'm gonna live forever
By writing pictures of
The world as it seems
Digging to bury my enemies
By applyin' a slow wit to their schemes

I've got a name
But it doesn't matter
I'd rather ya remember the lines
Than covet anything that once was mine
Let the lines fill ya mind
And you'll find in time
That this call was ya sign

In this age of cyber war machines patrolling eastern mineral seams
Pilotless planes takin out Americans with Un-American names
And politicians paid to fund spies and their games
I'm droppin' bombs with my pen and off the list I'll be checkin' names
Zack pulled the cards, but a generation later, the picture's the same
And I'm standing up as the next rebel to tame

So if you're feeling the same
It's time to mobilize and unify
but the street ain't what we gotta occupy
No, we gotta occupy our mind
And let the ideas flow
See movements come
And movements go
People change
And people grow
But ideas,
Ideas are forever, ya know?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

National Security is a Nice Way of Saying Personal Interest

Hurry, plug the dike, block the site
When the truth is Oscar Mike
Sam's gotta move quick to stop the leak
Makin' an example of 'em week after week
Lettin' 'em know, Sam ain't gonna turn the other cheek

When the whistle blows
And the light shines on the havok they wreak
Sam can't be caught lookin' weak
And he figures that
Every now and then
Justice deserves just a little peek.

He'll pillage and plunder under the cover of the law
While Freedom takes a rock to the jaw
Uncle Sam cuttin' her down
with his daggers and claws
But he don't worry
Because the citizens too distracted to stop and give pause
They'll stop and wonder, "Who enacted those laws?"
'Cause there never lookin' up from the screen to see the source of the scream
Never seein' what they should've saw
Buyin' tickets to hear the siren's call

It's the story and the show we've all come to know
The Boss didn't know, so it goes
But they flex to arrest the flow
1984' knockin' atchyo' do'
As they vie and spy for total contro'
Diggin' til they find what they wanna know
Strippin' away the layers of our soul
Claimin' their siege is Constitutional

Ya better think, but don't blink
Watch 'em move quick to get a distraction into action
The process is pretty slick, I'll admit
Made easy in this world of point and click
Sam's a chef cookin' up a story built for traction
Something with a guaranteed reaction
That'll draw the lines and divide the factions

Who cares what it is
So long as it brings back that sense of bliss
Anything to keep us from raisin' our fists
Too much attention to their ugly reflection
is somethin' they don't wanna risk
in this game of electronic stop and frisk

He's got the tools
lookin' for the parts
to make the fix
The grid's goin' dark
until he can nix
what's on that disk

From the top leakin' to the bottom
Ya can see where the free flow of information becomes a problem
But who's gonna stop 'em?
Rulin' with a black list iron fist
Sam's lockin' up citizens like they won't be missed
He's got shackles for all our wrists
If we step out to raise our voice or clench our fists

Anytime he's caught he shows us
Power is bought and sold
Step outta line and he'll
offer a reminder of just how many
his prisons can hold

Change for the worse, is change all the same
And our name bears the shame of this charade
The winds of change are blowin' cold
And if we don't stand firm and bold
I wonder, how much time
have we got before we're too old?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long Dead

There's a silence in the air
A calm before the chaos
Of our misalignment laid bare
Before the flames, pain, and despair
Stop and gawk, point, and stare
Take heed of the stillness in the air

Winds of change lie in wait
As we inflate the divide
And fill it with our hate
With the pressure approaching an unstable state
We're faced with a matter of choice, not fate
But maybe its too late

We're buried in a society bent on its image
How it looks, and what it should wear
With the only concerns being
How much to keep
And how little to share

The motto adopted and repeated
Time after time:
What's fair is fair
What's mine is mine
In a life misaligned
Hear em sing!
What's mine is mine
Is mine is mine is mine....

Bringin' to life, life outta focus
Young minds misaligned
Money is the object of our eye
The only thing more important
Is to have just a little more than the other guy
It doesn't matter who it could help
Just imagine all it can buy!
Never mind the smoke in the sky
That fire's burnin' in some factory in a country on the otherside

So far It's been a wild ride
Bumps and ups and downs
But we gotta remember
Gravity intersects the ground
So I'm tellin ya
The higher ya fly, the faster ya fall
And the flames of the crash
Gonna engulf us all

Like ya head in the end of a cannon
Or cattle on the tracks standin'
Ya can see what's gonna happen
But on we go,
signals the Captain
As we follow an order of never endin' expansion
Diggin holes for McMansion after McMansion
Just dig a few more and demand
Will gain enough traction,
Man put the pedal to the floor,
Get this plan into action!

A growth reduction?

No. Fucking. Way.

Just cook up a little consumption,
Sure test the theory,
Press the assumption
Just load the guns'n know that
There's no need to change course
With no need for reflective introspection
The tube will capture the collective attention
During this brief interruption
Call it a pause, then resumption of our
Unending consumption

Whatever it takes,
Just get the trickle to a flow
If ya gotta, just borrow
And hope the debt is
Somethin' ya outgrow
But when ya decide where all that green oughta go,
Why not spend a bit on the tools of war
Ya know, after all, jobs are what the constituents voted for
Nevermind the votes before that sent their last job
To somewhere north of Singapore

Then why not fight the war
To deplete the stock
Forget the tick tock
Of the debt clock
(we rocked Iraq, anyone gotta plan for Iran?)
Maybe something "classic" Uncle Sam?
Maybe another fight from the air
Something not so much "Man to Native Land"

Then cite the need to rebuild
And expand just a little more
All in the name of feet on a factory floor

Livin' as if everything is fine
As if this time will never be that time
And we can't see the red of our level line,
from tools bent and misaligned
When we're working with a green tint in our eye
Or when the clouds black the sky
Really, what good is it, what's it all for, and why?

Our own hands constructin'
A path to destruction
Built by all we've been destructin'
We're burning the fire
To freeze the ice
Just because we can
And ya know, it feels nice.
Then we turn around and burn the fire to melt the ice
Cheaply enough to never think twice about how
Homeostasis might be nice
For planets, to men, and even mice

Speaking of mice? Anyone got a mouse trap?

As I bring this rhyme to a wrap
One more freehand rant
Just a slice,
A representative sample that outta be ample
Enough to stamp ya cranial implant
and light ya candle
If everything else was just too much to handle

To raise our food, plant and animal
We gotta burn the water
Otherwise meant for our cup
to pump the gas
to to power the machines
to mine the salts from the soil
That we use to re-salt the soil
To raise the food under our knife
Leaving behind, as much life
As a pot brought to boil
Then we soil the water in our cup
With the salt we used to raise our food
So it needs cleaned by a process best left unseen
All the while
We burn more water
to pump the gas
that powers the plant, and machines
That cleans the water
And raises our food
then our food raises more of us
and then we burn more water
Otherwise meant for our cup...

But, we all aren't drinking poison yet
So let's just keep going and see how bad
Our problems will get!

Misaligned and mismanaged
up to our neck, I say it's an easy bet
Though, I get the impression that this is a lesson
We can all forget
Ya see, these problems, it took years to invent 'em
And today there's too much momentum
We see the problems and choices ahead
But we won't prevent 'em
So while we can, let's go get em!
I mean, we'll all be too long dead
To see the outcomes and regret 'em... Right?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dance When the World Stops

From the rooftops
I've got a view of the world
Watchin' when it stops
Bombers fly
And the ordinance drops
The fight rages and innocence rots
From the rooftops
I can draw a map of the world and its cemetery plots

Never minding right and wrong,
Rome is long gone
But the world's hegemon-
Is still singing the same ol' song
"Do what we say" they say,
"or ya won't have long"

The sanctions are filed
Approved and passed
By the sheep, lined up by rank and file
Served with a smile
And a dose of self righteous denial
Sam's got foreign governments on the stand
With the starving people on trial
Call it death and pain in a new style,
too much like the old style...

Gasp for breath, forget the cons
Less bombs and more death
Deprive the people
Divide their meals and
Take the roll outta their wheels
Then pretend they can
Rise like uncle Sam
Back in the days of his '76 clan

The people aren't fools enough
to take a stand for the interests
of a far off foreign land
(Seriously? That's the plan?)
They see the scam and resent
those who would use them as tools
when their government "breaks" the rules

When the sanctions drop
Who pays for the schools
Who repairs the tools
Feeds the mules
What keeps the desert cool?
Nothing and no one, now don't be fooled
The world stops when the sanctions drop

From desert sands and nearest islands
to the jungle mist, is there a line of latitude I missed?
Uncle Sam cocked like Dirty Harry
Policin' the globe with a black list iron fist
The king and his robe denyin' others while he consumes his way to bliss

But watch and see him hop
High as the moon
To his own tune
Though the track may be
Uh' changin' soon

On he goes
Never making room
For another point of view
Hear him say!
Just dance the way of the
Red white and blue!
Ya know, because we know
What's best for you!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Model of the Future

On the horizon I see trouble
A model of the past erected from the rubble
of the crash and thunder rumble
Movin' forward but lookin' back
We're building a model for the future
and we're painting it black

If there's anything white
it's pouring from a smoke stack
Fillin' store shelves rack after rack
Fillin' void after void
Thrillin' lives devoid
of any kind of peaceful feelin'
Sweatin' heavy under the line of credit they been squeezin'

The image ain't pleasin'
But this was a moment made for seizin'
I'll start with the man in the mirror
Staring at my reflection
I feel a cool wind breezin'
And the picture is becoming clearer
Man, and now it's freezin'
Now, I can see him
He kinda looks like me
And he kinda looks like you
But he doesn't breathe
And his body's gone blue

But that can't be true
My body ain't cold
And my blood's runnin' red
I think I've got thoughts in my head...
But maybe that's how it is once we're dead

A real model for the future
No cape, no kryptonite
But we'll call him super!
The model man fit for the future!
Clean suit, clean shave
Fast car, fancy house
Watching time tear apart
That plastic spouse
Living life always
wishin' he wasn't a mouse
Over and over
Countin' and countin' the amount'n
Never knowin' what it was all about

We're living life buried beneath the strife
Never seeing that we died when they buried the knife
Our hearts pumpin' ice, a pathetic sight
Living a life dimmer than
The deepest night
We're the perpetrators of our plight
Bringing upon ourselves, blight after blight
And in case you're missin' it
Let me rephrase it
Like this, I'll say it
We're complicit victims of the systems ready to be processed
In a process of exact extraction
Pullin' the soul from even the darkest, deepest hole
The furnace burns and the tanks roll
As the dream begins to take its toll
It's the same ol', same ol'
Poison in the air,
Poison underground
Venom in my veins
And a heart too cold to pound

Super models of the future
A smoocher and a moocher
The model woman
Independent and fierce
But dependent enough that only
diamonds had better pierce those ears
Crying tears when her part demands
The model woman,
living off the model man
Both wrapped in vanity
Too tight to see reality or
understand the real plan

We're building a model for the future
Where the sea of vanity
Knows no bounds
A place an honest man would drown
See the beasts circlin' asunder
The models of the future
Breathin' through their gills
As their greed makes 'em bottom feed for dollar bills
Chasin' cheaper and cheaper thrills
Fallin' back on a set of primal skills
They covet one another's
With brothers guttin' brothers
Just for one to out-drill the other

Look around, up and down
Believe me when I tell ya, son
This lesson is far from over and done
Look around to see the model man
Pumping out the model young

The model for the model young
All those model daughters and sons
Is the gift of a cocked & loaded gun
Handed to the childr'n
for a game of cap peelin'
Where they're compelled to fill their world with filth-'n
Impelled to model the models who came before 'em
Now the model man can sit back and let the TV implore 'em
Get 'em while they're young and the tube'll never bore 'em

We're building a model for the future
Where image knows no bounds
Night falls and the green-eyed monsters surround
The trick is to spend every penny we're allowed
Then spend just a little more
Just enough to have to work our feet into the floor

A world wrong when it's right
Facing an induction
Of destruction
Built on a frame of corruption
We're constructing
A model for the future
Looter after polluter
Feeding the mass of
consumer producers
Filling the ranks
Troopers stormin' after troopers

In this world
A point and click is the right direction
Wise intentions are fictional inventions
Here it's convention to seek each and every drip drop of attention
And it's even true, that for the right price,
Even you can buy a little love and affection.
Go ahead, pay for a taste of the model of perfection

A model built in a glass bottle
Never fit for sea, but pushed ahead full throttle
Never hearin' the songs unsung
Never thinkin' of the bottom rung
The model man, The model woman
And the model young
livin' out a life
Any Creator would call far flung

Models of the future
Built on ideas of the past
We're movin' forward lookin' back
and our luck ain't gonna last
We're lettin' the pressure rise
without preparin' for the blast
and we've all got credit in the cast
It's time to take off the mask
and let go of our fear,
Take a look in a mirror and ask
Why does my future, look like my past?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weary Where the Time Goes

Old is but a frame of mind
Though, at times we may wish to quit
Just look to all we find once we've endured it
Today, I say
Enjoy the sound
Turn that frown upside down
For Rainy Days and Mondays are always bound to come around

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bury My Heart

Start to finish
Visions I can't diminish
Rhymes in my brain
Images of darkness, hell, and pain
Finding their way to words
On my page
Ideas borne of incessant rage?
Or the wisdom of an aberrant sage?

With no rhythm or melody
I've got my rhymes
Painting pictures of a dark reality
Maybe you'll wonder "How cold can he really be?"
But I hope the words flowing from me
Open your mind
And brighten your eyes to see
A world where your lungs are gonna find it hard to breathe

North, South, East, and West
We're puttin' our luck to the test
Mess after mess
One after another
Swept under the rug like the rest

From the fields and streams
To concrete jungles of streets
The mountainous peaks
to the barren oceans deep
Decaying waste leaks,
and the propants seep
Days "beyond index" turn to weeks
Leaving the outlook kinda bleak
Normally, anger and pain would begin to creep
But just as I speak
the Dow is about to peak
Just one collapse or another playing
Hide and seek
Sneak peeks at a world crumbling beneath our feet

Who knows the source
Of the flows
Of the ups, downs
Highs and lows
The valleys and mountains
Where my mind goes
From finish to start
A river of images flowin'
showin' a world fallin' apart

At the border down south
Native lands with a war torn
poor living hand to mouth
Children in the fields
The sun bakes and their skin peels
Living on whatever the suits don't steal
The game is profit
The score is yield
That's the deal

Fires march and the drums roll
Our thirst for darkness takes its toll
As the pain starts at the hole for my soul
A place where no lights shine to hide the dark
It's here I'll bury my heart

West to east
We see the war isn't over
No, not in the least
A decade it took
And we just couldn't kill the beast
Play the charade by the book
And don't hold your breath for peace
(Just ask: Who's next on the hook for the empire to fleece?)

Like the sweater unraveling from
finish to start
I see a pulling thread
on my heart
buried in the dark
with the forgotten dead
Bodies blue on an anger red
"Not I, not I" they said

In an East always in the middle
Lookin' from
the ground to the sky
We see the hawks fly
And the doves flee
Two years round and round
Circlin' the sounds of absurdities
Reels of footage thrillin'
Capturin' blood spillin' on both banks of the Euphrates
While the living hell of shell after shell saw
80,000 blasted away from this reality
A fight between the powers that be
Ya know, Inaction and Complicity
Fighting anywhere they need
From sea to shining sea
And all the deserts and jungles
in between

You can ignore what you see
Bury your head in the clouds
Grasp for eternity
And fill your mind with glee
But you'll come to find
By land and air or sea
your escape is empty

In a North,
barred from its South
More souls living hand to mouth
A tiger who wishes he wasn't a mouse
Opens a rift in the sky
And burns a chasm
in the ground
With no reason why
A violent spasm
as my heart forgets to pound

It's nothing new
Just somethin' new to dismiss
Death, destruction
Pain and avarice
From day one we've been
Teeterin' on this precipice
It's an unraveling
And we're all pulling our part
From start to finish
And finish to start
I'm livin' my life
Standing as a man apart

I've buried my heart with the forgotten
So when it seems like my soul is
nothing but twisted and rotted
Remember, I'm buried
with the forgotten
the locked up,
the dead and downtrodden
And when you finally bury your heart
You'll wonder too,
as its pulse is droppin'
For all our knowledge and all our effort
Where have we ever really gotten?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Open Mic Night

We got 'em all
Irish, redheads, and blondes
Daughters, brothers
Mothers and sons
No tellin' how deep
The connection runs
Through the ground

Scott out with the sound
But Vernell up front
Leading the pack
All the way from the back
Clayton can't hear shit
As he'll readily admit
But on we go bit by bit
No Mic on stage
Won't stop the show,
oh no no no
We gonna roll with it

With us tonight
We got a few newbies
One of em writes
But they're just Hayden's groupies
The boy gotta gang
Straight outta the movies

Though their image
Can be groovy
Early on and throughout
they tell us "Drugs are bad m'kay"
But jokes aside,
Its true what they say
The needle, the smoke
To the grass we toke
They all gonna put us
In the ground one day

A talk to make
The masses contemplate
A world on the verge of check mate
A message crafted to motivate  anger
over our mangled state
Writing about our mess
Others playing checkers
While we got Brandon playing chess

Rob bringing the heat
His heart drumming
To a high up righteous beat
Putting Christ on trial
His is a different bible
But his words offer
Their own revival
One of earthly acceptance
Not of heavenly denial

Love is in the air tonight
And we know its gonna show
When the poets start to write
Different perspectives
Differentiate love in
Individuals from the collective
Nerds in love
Lovers out of love
The lonely love
So much love
It's never enough
Love going,
love coming
Blood flowing and love pumping
The hearts on stage are really something

Scott got back
Bringing the Mic
To pick up the slack
And with Bryant
found outta town
Hayden been taking all the flak
Under attack, but for all this love stuff he just ain't got a nack
But its cool, if his girl don't
Like 'em white, she can have 'em black
Or if she wants, another lady in the sack

Jeff has pain and anger in his heart
It looks like a thread pulling
From finish to start
Hopin' and copin' with a world fallin' apart

Rick the wizard
Casting magic with his wand
Castles to pigs, and lizards
In a style of which
We're all quite fond
His spells spell concise
Bringing the might
Every night in a package
Wrapped up oh so tight
Rick the wizard folks
Every Wednesday night

The pen names help us draw to a close
So too the rhythm and rhymes begin slow
To a trickle from the flow
That's all for the show

It's open Mic
Wednesday night
Writers block got the
House rockin'
A party from 8 to 10
Always alive and hoppin'
Bringing heat some
Might call heart stoppin'
But there ain't no stoppin'
17 years and runnin'
And tonight ya see
The pace we're clockin'
Can be measured by the jaws droppin'

Friday, January 25, 2013

Brothers All

We'll devour each other
Sticking our blade through a brother
Just before we start cuttin' down one another

The pain from which we suffer
Vanishes as we strike down our lover
Day by day, the sickness makin' us tougher
Wild animals getting rougher and rougher

When we devour each other
We blame the blade that killed our brother
Never lookin' for the answers in one another

Monday, January 21, 2013

You'd do it too

Selling out,
giving in,
given up
Say he's never
been more corrupt

Say what you want
Say what ya will
I saw dolla' signs in my rhymes and
Now it's like I'm comittin' a capital crime

You know
You'd do it too
Ya know,
Rob' the rest
just to save a few
From one in ya crew
To the stranger someone knew
The point is, you'd do it too
Ya know,
Rob' the rest
Just to save a few

The rich got it so great
Ya say, ya say, and ya say
But what about asking
Who made 'em that way?

They got so much flow
Why can't they pay for
this, that, and so much mo'?
Make em pay, make em pay
Come what dreams may
Listen close, man of clay
Ignorance is bliss they say

I'd show ya the way
But if ya see a mirror
The picture gonna get
Get a whole lot clearer
Go ahead, move nearer
No need to fear her

If you choose to see
Which you won't
You'd see
your own reflection
In all that shouldn't be
Ya know the old line
"Gee, maybe it's me."

From sea to shining sea
A captivatin' fixation
Pervades the nation
Everyday, a dead presidential nomination
Got ya chasing dollar bills
Of each and every denomination

The paint on ya face
To the gems on ya jeans
Ya up on stage with
thoughts of money and fame dancing in ya dreams
As if yours are different
From the devils schemes

The dreams of dollar signs
Fill ya mind
A little alliteration and a rhyme
But they don't make any sense
When ya confuse white trash
With the not so poor, not so hungry, middle class
It's a crime of a rhyme
that just don't pass

I don't mean to be angry
And blast, and I don't
Mean to talk any trash

You know
you'd do it too
Ya know,
Rob' the rest
just to save a few
From one in ya crew
To the stranger someone knew
The point is, you'd do it too
Ya know,
Rob' the rest
Just to save a few

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Red Hen

Not I, not I, they say
You do the work
And I'll collect the pay
Just repeat the motto
"Not I, not I, I say"

Not I, not I, is the line
Each and every time
From chopped trees to
desert seas
Each and every time

Not I, says the dog
Light the furnace
Forget the smog
As the cloud rises
higher and higher
cancerous surprises
For the people breathin'
Deeper and deeper
lost in his own chemical fog
Not I, not I, says the dog

Not I, not I, is the line
Each and every time
From acid rain
To the poison in your veins
Each and every time

Not I, says the horse
Shattered earth is no concern,
as a matter of course
He'll dig the hole
and in a flash to deny the crash
Leave ya kids to pay the toll
Same as last time,
and all the times before
Cracked and leaking well bores
Yet we hear
Not I, not I, from the horse

Not I, not I, is the line
Each and every time
From industrial polluters
To us everyday commuters
Each and every time

Not I, says the mouse
He's just fueling demand
building another, bigger house
Built on a pile of debt
To build more demand
For a bigger pile of debt
With the first step
Being to
build another, bigger house
And so it goes
Not I, not I, says the mouse

Not I, not I, is the line
Each and every time
From runaway fission
To financial collision
Each and every time

Not I, says the pig
As he persists to insist
There's nothing wrong with his rig
even if that oil slick
looks a little thick
from the air,
Folks, let's be fair
An event like this is rare
So he'll repeat the lines
That its under control,
they've arrested the flow,
the impact wasn't too big
And with a smile for show
Not I, not I, says the pig

Not I, not I, is the line
Each and every time
The mass market consumers
Amounting to 7 billion little tumors
All repeating
Each and every time
Not I, not I, as the line

A cacophony of I and Not
I gotta wonder
Just how many animals
has this farm got?
Do the "Not I's" ever stop?
Really though, I guess
There's no one to blame
We're just the wild animals
Nothing could ever tame
So let's say it together
"Not I, not I!"
All at once, all the same.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We hate until we forget
We love until we remember
The world turns, the fires burn
as we say goodbye
To another December

Another year of the same
False Hope
Wearing a shirt labeled "Change"
But we gotta remember this December
that change for the worse
is change all the same
It won't do any good, but there's plenty of blame

Mass murderers, warmongers, cartels and gangs
Underground or uniformed
Some violent, some tame
They all got bloody hands just the same

Humanitarian mission?
Call it an old wound with a new incision
A chance to spark sectarian fission
It's the same shit they've
Been dishin
Decade after decade
The same war game being played
ya know
good guys, And a day saved

The world makes another trip around the sun
And we see countries that governments don't run
Gangs and killers got fingers on the triggers
of each and every gun
killing mothers burying their sons

North, south, east, and west
Money is our god,
man forget the rest
Bank accounts test success
By way of the almighty dollar
May this day be blessed

Uncle Sam with blood on his hands
His drone programs
Taking out those Taliban
In Afghanistan, Pakistan
And everywhere-else-istan
In an age when to question is treason
I gotta say there's a reason
"War on terror" rhymes with error
If ya gotta know,
Just ask for a flag from the pall-bearer

The beasts were saved two by two
But we're taking them out one by one
Animals around the world
Stuck on the wrong end of a hungry man's gun
Long into the future
Whoever's left might say
"We had life living in every which way,
but the almighty Dollar chased the beasts away"

Corruption without interruption
Fuelin' wars of blood for oil
Senseless toil while
The fires burn and our oceans boil
Around the globe
From foreign lands to native soil
Life being freed from its earthly coil

Children goin' hungry while cats get fat
But its best we just ignore that fact
Why don't we talk about the slave trade fully intact?
Forced labor and sex
Bribes in cash are
harder to follow
harder to check

Today its 2013 and all around the world is a wreck
A mirror might be the best place to check
But you can watch and make the bet we'll choose to
Bury our head in our ass
Up to our neck