Friday, June 14, 2013

New Age, High Time

I think it
When I see it
So I write it
I can't fight it
So I let it flow
But ya know I can't sing it
So I just grip the Mic and bring it
Go ahead make a thing of it
Call me a poet, full of shit
Fighting with a slow wit
Tearing ya world apart bit by bit

The world's gonna spin
And the sun is gonna shine
Gravity pulls and on rolls our measure of time
Mine were the days behind
And the future is yours
Though I'll keep living through my words
Hittin ya verse after verse
Line by line
Even when my soul's
Whisperin' among the pines

Things I've written of the things I've seen
A mix of fantasy, reality
Nightmares and dreams
I'm gonna live forever
By writing pictures of
The world as it seems
Digging to bury my enemies
By applyin' a slow wit to their schemes

I've got a name
But it doesn't matter
I'd rather ya remember the lines
Than covet anything that once was mine
Let the lines fill ya mind
And you'll find in time
That this call was ya sign

In this age of cyber war machines patrolling eastern mineral seams
Pilotless planes takin out Americans with Un-American names
And politicians paid to fund spies and their games
I'm droppin' bombs with my pen and off the list I'll be checkin' names
Zack pulled the cards, but a generation later, the picture's the same
And I'm standing up as the next rebel to tame

So if you're feeling the same
It's time to mobilize and unify
but the street ain't what we gotta occupy
No, we gotta occupy our mind
And let the ideas flow
See movements come
And movements go
People change
And people grow
But ideas,
Ideas are forever, ya know?

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  1. This is such a fun rhyming ramble full of beautiful thoughts. :)