Saturday, March 16, 2013

Model of the Future

On the horizon I see trouble
A model of the past erected from the rubble
of the crash and thunder rumble
Movin' forward but lookin' back
We're building a model for the future
and we're painting it black

If there's anything white
it's pouring from a smoke stack
Fillin' store shelves rack after rack
Fillin' void after void
Thrillin' lives devoid
of any kind of peaceful feelin'
Sweatin' heavy under the line of credit they been squeezin'

The image ain't pleasin'
But this was a moment made for seizin'
I'll start with the man in the mirror
Staring at my reflection
I feel a cool wind breezin'
And the picture is becoming clearer
Man, and now it's freezin'
Now, I can see him
He kinda looks like me
And he kinda looks like you
But he doesn't breathe
And his body's gone blue

But that can't be true
My body ain't cold
And my blood's runnin' red
I think I've got thoughts in my head...
But maybe that's how it is once we're dead

A real model for the future
No cape, no kryptonite
But we'll call him super!
The model man fit for the future!
Clean suit, clean shave
Fast car, fancy house
Watching time tear apart
That plastic spouse
Living life always
wishin' he wasn't a mouse
Over and over
Countin' and countin' the amount'n
Never knowin' what it was all about

We're living life buried beneath the strife
Never seeing that we died when they buried the knife
Our hearts pumpin' ice, a pathetic sight
Living a life dimmer than
The deepest night
We're the perpetrators of our plight
Bringing upon ourselves, blight after blight
And in case you're missin' it
Let me rephrase it
Like this, I'll say it
We're complicit victims of the systems ready to be processed
In a process of exact extraction
Pullin' the soul from even the darkest, deepest hole
The furnace burns and the tanks roll
As the dream begins to take its toll
It's the same ol', same ol'
Poison in the air,
Poison underground
Venom in my veins
And a heart too cold to pound

Super models of the future
A smoocher and a moocher
The model woman
Independent and fierce
But dependent enough that only
diamonds had better pierce those ears
Crying tears when her part demands
The model woman,
living off the model man
Both wrapped in vanity
Too tight to see reality or
understand the real plan

We're building a model for the future
Where the sea of vanity
Knows no bounds
A place an honest man would drown
See the beasts circlin' asunder
The models of the future
Breathin' through their gills
As their greed makes 'em bottom feed for dollar bills
Chasin' cheaper and cheaper thrills
Fallin' back on a set of primal skills
They covet one another's
With brothers guttin' brothers
Just for one to out-drill the other

Look around, up and down
Believe me when I tell ya, son
This lesson is far from over and done
Look around to see the model man
Pumping out the model young

The model for the model young
All those model daughters and sons
Is the gift of a cocked & loaded gun
Handed to the childr'n
for a game of cap peelin'
Where they're compelled to fill their world with filth-'n
Impelled to model the models who came before 'em
Now the model man can sit back and let the TV implore 'em
Get 'em while they're young and the tube'll never bore 'em

We're building a model for the future
Where image knows no bounds
Night falls and the green-eyed monsters surround
The trick is to spend every penny we're allowed
Then spend just a little more
Just enough to have to work our feet into the floor

A world wrong when it's right
Facing an induction
Of destruction
Built on a frame of corruption
We're constructing
A model for the future
Looter after polluter
Feeding the mass of
consumer producers
Filling the ranks
Troopers stormin' after troopers

In this world
A point and click is the right direction
Wise intentions are fictional inventions
Here it's convention to seek each and every drip drop of attention
And it's even true, that for the right price,
Even you can buy a little love and affection.
Go ahead, pay for a taste of the model of perfection

A model built in a glass bottle
Never fit for sea, but pushed ahead full throttle
Never hearin' the songs unsung
Never thinkin' of the bottom rung
The model man, The model woman
And the model young
livin' out a life
Any Creator would call far flung

Models of the future
Built on ideas of the past
We're movin' forward lookin' back
and our luck ain't gonna last
We're lettin' the pressure rise
without preparin' for the blast
and we've all got credit in the cast
It's time to take off the mask
and let go of our fear,
Take a look in a mirror and ask
Why does my future, look like my past?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weary Where the Time Goes

Old is but a frame of mind
Though, at times we may wish to quit
Just look to all we find once we've endured it
Today, I say
Enjoy the sound
Turn that frown upside down
For Rainy Days and Mondays are always bound to come around