Friday, November 30, 2012

Write and Rong

Labels define and divide
Labels draw lines, people pickin' sides
Labels, lines, all just signs of the times
Labels that oughta be left behind

Theist and Atheist
Eternal bliss arguin' with coincidence
and the whole time our earthly bonds dismissed
 -Ists and -Isms givin' way
to clenched fists and schisms
Pickin' fights with our brother
not seeing we're all one, not the other.

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels making day seem like night
Labels make two sides and fix 'em for a fight

Left against Right taking on the battle
between the darkness and the light
One claims disaster
The other, calamity
A house divided, but still only one family

Labels bent to mislead
Labels to lies that plant the seed
Labels meant to deceive
Labels label the deception achieved

Socialist and Capitalist
Each a man of the people
Each fueled by a greed unbelievable, borderline evil
Both in the same ivory tower craving power
Forging an iron fist,
Each with names on his list
Both got dissidents shackled at the wrist
"Enemies" of the state that won't be missed

It just keeps going
Line after line,
Label after label,
Even some I missed,
but by now you get the gist
Labels gettin write and rong
crossed and crissed

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels draw lines and divide
Labels that stick all the way to the otherside
Labels, lines, just signs of the times that oughta be left behind.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Fighting for freedom around the world
Pushing homeland views twisted and curled

Heroes rule the day
Our politicians like to say
Heroes sent to fight, sent to die
With no question why
Or what its for when
War is the norm
Just bow down and conform

Forget the coming storm
This is why they were born
Heroes with guns destroyin' lives
Heroes dropping bombs til nothin' survives
Heroes fighting for lies contrived
Heroes alive becoming dead inside

Used like tools of the trade
Recruiters call them easy prey
Ya know
Young American, proud, and brave
A peasant, a pawn, a slave
Fighting on the wrong side of a bet somebody made
Heroes sent to an early grave

Heroes fighting for the cause
Somethin' bigger than international laws
Never a fight for profit, never a grudge
No, our fight is just
A hero's moral must
So says a crooked judge

Commercials gloss over the loss and the mess
Never giving a clear view of the teenager with a hole in his chest,
Or the kid eating through a tube in his neck
None of that, no, just pay that hero some respect
(and mail in that tax check)

Heroes facing "clear and present" dangers
from distant strangers gettin' sent back
in a flag wrapped container
Sons without a savior
leavin' but a physical remainder

Pull the pin, launch the grenade
Wars like trainwrecks every decade
A broken record charade
And I gotta say
Uncle Sam be damned
War after war plotted and planned
"defending freedom" is all the people understand

From jungles to beaches and deserts of sand
The Koreas to Viet-nam
Columbia, Cuba, and the Caribbean
All around the world, heroes defending freedom again and again

Heroes sent to fight
in wars with no end in sight
Stuck in a tunnel with no light
All with no one to stand up
And ask why our boys gotta die defending lie after lie after lie

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Law is the Law They Say

The law is the law they say
If you want to change it, there's a way
It's so easy, you can start today!

Just spend all your money
Just take all your time
Just lobby congress
Just untangle the global mess
Endure the stress, spend the year
and fight real hard when the election draws near

Forget reason, it's election season!
The law is the law, anything else is treason!
The slick tongued puppet in his robe
Dressed in black and missin' his frontal lobe
Gonna use his seat to suppress the defense
Look's like the truth didn't cover the rent.
Justice is blind (and dumb) is what they must've meant

The law is the law they say
And these law abiding criminals just can't stay
Nevermind they're just ordinary people
working an honest day
makin' what they pay
No, nevermind that.
They're criminals and they gotta learn
So the fires burn
And the choppers fly
Freedom goes up in smoke
For another unlucky guy

Just rise to the top overnight
Just join the inner circle and convince them you're right
Just endure the plight
Just bow to the military might
Freedom? How trite.

Forget right and wrong
All the people better dance
When they play the king's song
Dance and play along
Boy just forget about right and wrong

The law is the law they say
Don't break it boy or you're gonna pay
Now get on your way
Listen boy, no more questions today
Now seriously, go away

Ignore the things caused by the
Laws signed by white skin
of the upper class
A division built to last carried by
the backs of the colored class

Prohibition through attrition
With answers still missin'
A sinister mission aiming for division
A product of men's twisted vision

Really, just change the law, you know
Just change your entire life
Just to change a law causing strife
Turn your back to face the knife
Give your life to the cause
Disagree? You've got the power to change those laws...

The law is the law they say
get caught with the plant and you're goin' away
and you'll find your life on auction just down the way
Call them assets seized and you'll see a PD pleased
A kickback countin' judge at ease
Greedy eyes with dollar signs is all I see
among a people who forgot they once were free.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just One Drop

On day one
just one drop
could make you hop
it was an easy score
Livin' knowin' there was more

Back then the dragon was your toy
A thing you thought ya could sometimes enjoy
As the years grew his claws dug into you, now they pierce right through
Today he's your master and life is spinnin' faster faster faster speedin' towards disaster

A slave and his master on tour
and the fix aint so quick
can't make it stick
The scar tissue is gettin' thick
so ya don't feel the prick

Life is upside down
when you fly high
you sink and drown
get planted in the ground

Time for the show
and you can't be found
the line, full of fans groovin'
to your sound

Your heart refuses to pound
found in your closet, man you've lost it
you bought the farm
not with charm, but that there needle in your arm