Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daze of Rememberance

Drop the needle
don't let go
Have another go, another time
I'm watchin' as ya light fades from its shine

Traffic screechin' on  a dime
I'm reachin' with my rhyme
In the darkness ya can't find the sign
Can't think back to another time
when we thought we'd come alive

Lost, our minds twist and writhe
Life, a one headlight drive
down a dead end road
Thinkin' back to all we didn't know
to a time when our souls burned
with that bright eyed glow

Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Away, Look Around

Driven mad by the drummer's sound
His beat takes ya up and up
while gravity pulls ya down
Walls closin in
Stuck in a tailspin
crashin' headlong into the ground

A rocky mountain way
or a rocky bottom on the way
brought today by the choices ya make
and ya won't be saved by the pills ya take

Deny, deny, deny
Plug your ears
Shut your eyes
Ignore it long enough
to make it to the other side

Rampant disease and mouths to feed
Those in need left to bleed
by those consumed with greed

Ya mind locked up
in the land of the free
Can ya hear their plea?
Livin' in a society
bent against reality,
there's a few things
we've gotta open
our eyes to see

Saturday, July 28, 2012


That god and his damned dirty apes
Filled with hate and never giving thanks
Last time he loosed the flood
This time he'll roll the tanks
That god and his damned dirty apes

Make no mistake
It'll just take and take
Because those stinkin' paws
belong to a damned dirty ape

See the evil taking shape
Murder and rape from those damned dirty apes
Born into this world with no escape
Just a bunch of damned dirty apes
Facing their god, a power irate

A bunch of damned dirty apes
on their knees to beg and plead
for want they want
Never saying thanks
for having what they need

An idea bound to spread
A bounty for you, then a bounty on your head
spill it all, make the river run red
or will it be disease instead?
A creative god bent
to tear it down
when those damned dirty apes
ignore what he said.

Baked bread
or projectile lead
It doesn't matter what you do
you damned dirty apes
will all end up dead.

See all he gave? Grip all he'll take
Hold on tight and give thanks,
You damned dirty ape.

Friday, July 27, 2012


3:20 and I got another hour
Yearnin' for the
Flowers with the power,
My girls Sour and Sweet,
MmmMmm, what a tasty treat

In outta the cold, off the street
I Imagine, I dream.
From a light above my head
comes a beam of hope
shining down growing most wonderous dope

Are they ready? Nope!
Getting down lookin' through my scope

Equal parts Sun and Moon
beautiful in bloom
No worries,  they'll be there soon

As the hour of light turns half to night
Autumn showers
bring those forgetful flowers
From the roots to the stem
up grows a hazy gem
A jewel I highly recommend
Always in luck
My girls got the trunk with the funk
and they don't mind when I call it skunk
Punch drunk and
I just gotta show it,
one taste and you'll know it
One bite of that forbidden fruit
and I knew my love was absolute.

I can see it now
someway, somehow
In a dream tinted green
if ya know what I mean
I got my eyes to the skies
and my feet on the ground
I embark with a spark in the dark
I light up, and the ganja burn down
I ain't greedy, and ya know it ain't seedy
So let's get together and pass that shit around!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day to day, just the norm
Lies like flies swarm the truth
Pictures and sounds to corrupt the youth

On ya hands the blood dries
As another dies
A mother cries
Don't turn your head
Don't close your eyes

Twisted and curled
The ramblings of a hell bent world
Hell bent to find the end
As we test all that will break and bend
I stand here looking simply for a friend.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sand Below My Feet

The Sand Below My Feet

In a world with no beat
my soul yearns and burns
in the desert heat

Years of blood and tears
Soak the sand below my feet
Into my heart the anger and pain begin to creep

Ringing in my ears, all our worst fears
From the sky the bullets fly
Boys die, "god why?!"
but that ain't the worst
bombs and a three round burst
The family thirst as another gets hauled off in a hearse

Justice laggin, foreign boys be
Fraggin, taggin, baggin
The bodies in the Sun left to roast, the suits toast
Nowhere to run, grab your gun

Our cries dismissed so we raise our fist
Our world turned to pink mist, you get the gist
Despair fills the sandy air
Over there, that bomb missed

They didn't see and I know
Oh I know
I might be next,
it could be me

For no other options
we'll meet the giants with defiance
we'll greet their violence
as history is ever on repeat
I say in this land of desert heat
Many giants have met defeat.

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