Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Must Be High

The weed to fill my need
All that power in a tiny seed
A packed punch indeed
It makes me beg and plead
On my knees cryin' please!
I can sip from the still,
The pill can kill
Yet I can't have the plant?

You'll have to excuse my rant
but I can't lean to the hypocrite slant
Just my two cents against some scant evidence
getting a clear view of what freedom represents

And so I'll go without a sound
movin' underground
with little chance of being found

Wired lights, cloudless days and the darkest nights
The bulb burns and my soul ignites
Just why is my remedy
a public enemy?
A victim of conspiracy
Falsely accused and demonized
Facts trivialized
over years of tears and silenced cries

The War is on, it's all around
A lie and no questions why
Coppers with choppers and pill poppers
goin' round n' round
lettin' the bullets fly
Puttin' one another in the ground

Nonetheless, my heart glows
and my garden grows under their nose
With my vision clear the scheme appears
I see the profit flows through the warrior state
Running circles as they investigate
mutilate, and manipulate the truth
A plan to intimidate, incarcerate, and rehabilitate
the "misguided" youth

The time has passed when
We could just stop and stare
We've gotta replace the nightmare
of drones in the air
with a dream tinted green
I mean
We've gotta see it for what it is
A prohibition rooted in ambition
borne by a state in ill condition
greedy men on a mission
and a people beat to submission

Monday, August 20, 2012

Faith Makes Them Do What They're Told

A lie applied
with a truth denied
Ya god died and Jesus never rose to life
Yet the lies thrive twisting the thoughts in ya mind

When ya god came to be
It took 'em all of 500 years
but eventually
They called it first century AD
Somewhere in between
They snapped his neck
Got ya bowin' to an ancient shipwreck
Somewhere in between
They cut the scene
Bit by bit
They schemed to
Malign the dream
Ain't nothin what it seems

They splice the body of Christ
With the head of a demon
Yet ya on ya knees believin'
The lies
Looking the skies
Buying what ya been told
Soul been sold
Man, ya got the darkness
Takin hold

Centuries of maligned minds
perpetratin' genocidal crimes
That time and next time
How about this time?
Who pays for the blood ya spill
pursuin' ya righteous kill?

Punishment? Reward?
Finger on the trigger
Hand on the sword
Handin' down hate like a genetic trait
All in the name of the lord

Hittin' the 'Ridge to find
there ain't a miracle bridge
Hung like the albatross
The gotchya sippin' the sauce

Devils in the shadow of the cross, the crescent
Days past and days present
They organize and devise
from another room
innocence cries as a childhood dies

Lies internalized
Blind eyes cast to the skies
It's a sickness I despise
They say belief is relief
but the illusion is fleeting and brief
Now ya slave to the evil beneath

You wonder what I am
when it's you who sank instead of swam
The one who bought the plan
And now ya can't unplug
Ya grave been dug
And despite what ya think ya god's design may be
Ya mind, ya body, and ya soul ain't flyin free

Friday, August 17, 2012

Worn Feet with a Sturdy Soul

On the path
Finding my way
A salty breeze
on a sunny day
On the road, my body begs to play

Morning dew
on scattered leaves
Beaming light
through the fog and trees
All passed along the path
as it winds and weaves

We travelers come and go
As the seasons change
Sun, rain, and snow
The path, the way, the ebb and flow

On the path
with singing birds, high pitched words
of the robins, wrens, and jays
Cubs at play or a lonesome stray
On the road is where I'll spend my day

Along the road, nature shows
Clouds roll and the wind blows
A mother's rage, on the road
she's judge and jury
On the path, wrath and fury

On the path
Finding my way
Rules of the road
and a toll to pay
Ever short on change
On the road, where my soul eats and prays

For all that's lost
and all that's gained
A journey through the shadow, the joy, and pain
My soul the world will never tame

And so until it's my time to lay
I'll follow the path
I'll find the way
Be it through darkness
Or by light of day
It's on the road
I'm bound to stay

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birdseye View

Ya don't see the black beneath
the road paved gold
It wraps ya soul
and ya body can't pay the toll

Never see the hawk
as he stalks from high in the air
As your speakers blare
ya wheels spin by
Rockin' with a grin
as clouds fill the sky

Pursued by ya sin
darkness surrounds
as the grounds split
This is it 
A fire been lit
and it becomes clear

There is no shelter here

Hunting by wire way up high
The thunder rolls droppin' fire from the sky
Lockin' on with his song
Hackin' with his axe
Man, he's hot on ya tracks

Lookin' back
Wings flappin'
while ya speed is lackin'
Wrong side of a smokin' gun
A fate ya can't outrun
now ya facedown in the street
strickin' by the heat
of his righteous beat

Down and out
with a whimper not a shout
Ya blood mixes the mud
Images flood
before ya eyes
A puddle reflection
bearin' witness to a lonesome demise

Gone quick as he came
Ya been shackled with the ultimate ball and chain
Last thoughts in ya brain,
darkness despair, pain

The shock serves
quietly kills the nerves
Ya grasp for ya last gasp
of air in the cold rain
now only ya body remain
No change and ya soul
can't pay the toll

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day and Night (With Our End in Sight)

All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

Open the tap, let it flow
Watch it burn
Admire the ember glow
It's a process slow
Though, on and on it's bound to go

Feel the thrill as the drills drill
and the pumps pump
The fires burn
and it's never enough

What he claims today
ruined for tomorrow
What time we have
is time we borrow
Time and time again
we set the stage
for regret and sorrow

The wheels spin
and the stock prices jump
The rain begins to burn
and it's never enough

Think? Why bother?
Poison the water
Catch the fish
Mercury, Lead, and a second head
make for a tasty dish

Metal wings soar over
mountains of stuff
Our cities burn
and it's never enough

Fill the air with
whatever we dare
Brown clouds to make the natives cough
and the travelers stare
A time bomb ticking on a world set to burn
A fire we can share

The bullets spray
and our spirits slump
Our skin burns
and it's never enough

Broken record on a single track
From beginning to end, then back
More of everybody
More for everybody
Grow Grow Grow
Mine Mine Mine
Stuck on loop
Always playin' the same ol' lines

And so it is
As it goes
All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

Monday, August 6, 2012

No Shelter

Hidden in the sky
In the clouds looking down
A mechanized battle cry
The steel eye
The satellite spy
Gonna enhance and magnify

He's got the time to analyze and track
To plan his attack
Ya won't know when to react

Monitor the situation
from a remote location
Rotating pilots in for the duration
Finally! Confirmed the target!
As the pilot's hands shakin' with anticipation

Far from the mutilation
A sense of elation, gratification
as the order been sent from the broadcast station
Got the target lockin' on
The steel eye singin' the predator song

Target acquired
Missile armed, ready to fire
Claimin' what he desires
droppin' demise from the skies
The steel eye gonna bag his prize 

Let loose a havok wreakin' shot
Ordinance comin' in hot
Jet streakin', heat seekin'

with no need to laser designate the spot

Strike success
On the ground
a mess, strife, and distress
and an easy lie to the press
A big fucking mess

Spin cycle denial
and forget a trial
Put the machine to the test
What was the problem?
Bad intelligence?
What can we expect from those living in tents
when we buy every story the hungry man invents

This time and that time
the steel eye
he got it wrong
Today we snuffed a couple dancin' to their wedding song
and I gotta know,
How long can this go on?
How long will you play along?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Those Aware,

How many times
can we rhyme
Same with Change
when we write to complain?

For those aware
Things can't stay the same
Change is in the air
We gotta find our groove
It's time to move
Forget the news and their wreckin' crews
The game they play is lose-lose
If ya look, your feet ain't glued
and if they are, step outta your shoes!

But then again, what's the point?
Always a call to action
without any traction
playin' to "victims" of the mass distraction

They say "Someone tricked 'em"

But there are no victims
Just a line of volunteers
Acquiescing steers
Slaves to gratification and primal elation
nothing but meat on its way to station
destined for two slices of bread
Standin' in single file denial
waitin' for a bullet in the head

For those aware,
smoke already fills the air
All that was,
up in flames
as we take
all that is
and burn it down

I say we watch it go
Admire the glow
I mean, enjoy the show
because change for the worse
is change all the same
and we only have ourselves
to blame