Friday, August 17, 2012

Worn Feet with a Sturdy Soul

On the path
Finding my way
A salty breeze
on a sunny day
On the road, my body begs to play

Morning dew
on scattered leaves
Beaming light
through the fog and trees
All passed along the path
as it winds and weaves

We travelers come and go
As the seasons change
Sun, rain, and snow
The path, the way, the ebb and flow

On the path
with singing birds, high pitched words
of the robins, wrens, and jays
Cubs at play or a lonesome stray
On the road is where I'll spend my day

Along the road, nature shows
Clouds roll and the wind blows
A mother's rage, on the road
she's judge and jury
On the path, wrath and fury

On the path
Finding my way
Rules of the road
and a toll to pay
Ever short on change
On the road, where my soul eats and prays

For all that's lost
and all that's gained
A journey through the shadow, the joy, and pain
My soul the world will never tame

And so until it's my time to lay
I'll follow the path
I'll find the way
Be it through darkness
Or by light of day
It's on the road
I'm bound to stay

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