Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Those Aware,

How many times
can we rhyme
Same with Change
when we write to complain?

For those aware
Things can't stay the same
Change is in the air
We gotta find our groove
It's time to move
Forget the news and their wreckin' crews
The game they play is lose-lose
If ya look, your feet ain't glued
and if they are, step outta your shoes!

But then again, what's the point?
Always a call to action
without any traction
playin' to "victims" of the mass distraction

They say "Someone tricked 'em"

But there are no victims
Just a line of volunteers
Acquiescing steers
Slaves to gratification and primal elation
nothing but meat on its way to station
destined for two slices of bread
Standin' in single file denial
waitin' for a bullet in the head

For those aware,
smoke already fills the air
All that was,
up in flames
as we take
all that is
and burn it down

I say we watch it go
Admire the glow
I mean, enjoy the show
because change for the worse
is change all the same
and we only have ourselves
to blame

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