Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day and Night (With Our End in Sight)

All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

Open the tap, let it flow
Watch it burn
Admire the ember glow
It's a process slow
Though, on and on it's bound to go

Feel the thrill as the drills drill
and the pumps pump
The fires burn
and it's never enough

What he claims today
ruined for tomorrow
What time we have
is time we borrow
Time and time again
we set the stage
for regret and sorrow

The wheels spin
and the stock prices jump
The rain begins to burn
and it's never enough

Think? Why bother?
Poison the water
Catch the fish
Mercury, Lead, and a second head
make for a tasty dish

Metal wings soar over
mountains of stuff
Our cities burn
and it's never enough

Fill the air with
whatever we dare
Brown clouds to make the natives cough
and the travelers stare
A time bomb ticking on a world set to burn
A fire we can share

The bullets spray
and our spirits slump
Our skin burns
and it's never enough

Broken record on a single track
From beginning to end, then back
More of everybody
More for everybody
Grow Grow Grow
Mine Mine Mine
Stuck on loop
Always playin' the same ol' lines

And so it is
As it goes
All the time
All at once
Never ending
Never enough

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