Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birdseye View

Ya don't see the black beneath
the road paved gold
It wraps ya soul
and ya body can't pay the toll

Never see the hawk
as he stalks from high in the air
As your speakers blare
ya wheels spin by
Rockin' with a grin
as clouds fill the sky

Pursued by ya sin
darkness surrounds
as the grounds split
This is it 
A fire been lit
and it becomes clear

There is no shelter here

Hunting by wire way up high
The thunder rolls droppin' fire from the sky
Lockin' on with his song
Hackin' with his axe
Man, he's hot on ya tracks

Lookin' back
Wings flappin'
while ya speed is lackin'
Wrong side of a smokin' gun
A fate ya can't outrun
now ya facedown in the street
strickin' by the heat
of his righteous beat

Down and out
with a whimper not a shout
Ya blood mixes the mud
Images flood
before ya eyes
A puddle reflection
bearin' witness to a lonesome demise

Gone quick as he came
Ya been shackled with the ultimate ball and chain
Last thoughts in ya brain,
darkness despair, pain

The shock serves
quietly kills the nerves
Ya grasp for ya last gasp
of air in the cold rain
now only ya body remain
No change and ya soul
can't pay the toll

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