Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Must Be High

The weed to fill my need
All that power in a tiny seed
A packed punch indeed
It makes me beg and plead
On my knees cryin' please!
I can sip from the still,
The pill can kill
Yet I can't have the plant?

You'll have to excuse my rant
but I can't lean to the hypocrite slant
Just my two cents against some scant evidence
getting a clear view of what freedom represents

And so I'll go without a sound
movin' underground
with little chance of being found

Wired lights, cloudless days and the darkest nights
The bulb burns and my soul ignites
Just why is my remedy
a public enemy?
A victim of conspiracy
Falsely accused and demonized
Facts trivialized
over years of tears and silenced cries

The War is on, it's all around
A lie and no questions why
Coppers with choppers and pill poppers
goin' round n' round
lettin' the bullets fly
Puttin' one another in the ground

Nonetheless, my heart glows
and my garden grows under their nose
With my vision clear the scheme appears
I see the profit flows through the warrior state
Running circles as they investigate
mutilate, and manipulate the truth
A plan to intimidate, incarcerate, and rehabilitate
the "misguided" youth

The time has passed when
We could just stop and stare
We've gotta replace the nightmare
of drones in the air
with a dream tinted green
I mean
We've gotta see it for what it is
A prohibition rooted in ambition
borne by a state in ill condition
greedy men on a mission
and a people beat to submission

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