Monday, August 20, 2012

Faith Makes Them Do What They're Told

A lie applied
with a truth denied
Ya god died and Jesus never rose to life
Yet the lies thrive twisting the thoughts in ya mind

When ya god came to be
It took 'em all of 500 years
but eventually
They called it first century AD
Somewhere in between
They snapped his neck
Got ya bowin' to an ancient shipwreck
Somewhere in between
They cut the scene
Bit by bit
They schemed to
Malign the dream
Ain't nothin what it seems

They splice the body of Christ
With the head of a demon
Yet ya on ya knees believin'
The lies
Looking the skies
Buying what ya been told
Soul been sold
Man, ya got the darkness
Takin hold

Centuries of maligned minds
perpetratin' genocidal crimes
That time and next time
How about this time?
Who pays for the blood ya spill
pursuin' ya righteous kill?

Punishment? Reward?
Finger on the trigger
Hand on the sword
Handin' down hate like a genetic trait
All in the name of the lord

Hittin' the 'Ridge to find
there ain't a miracle bridge
Hung like the albatross
The gotchya sippin' the sauce

Devils in the shadow of the cross, the crescent
Days past and days present
They organize and devise
from another room
innocence cries as a childhood dies

Lies internalized
Blind eyes cast to the skies
It's a sickness I despise
They say belief is relief
but the illusion is fleeting and brief
Now ya slave to the evil beneath

You wonder what I am
when it's you who sank instead of swam
The one who bought the plan
And now ya can't unplug
Ya grave been dug
And despite what ya think ya god's design may be
Ya mind, ya body, and ya soul ain't flyin free