Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why Wait?

Who pulls ya strings?
Fillin' ya life empty with things
Masters of ya fear
Days becoming years
Got their hooks in ya belly
And their thoughts in ya ears

There's puppeteers, engineers
Performers, producers, 
666 seducers, 
but boy, you just a consumer, 
a daily grinder, 
a back n' forth zoomer
Clean suit, clean cut, just a little gut
But don't stumble, keep the pace
Welcome to the dollar shave rat race 

White lies and your eyes on the prize
Cast away from darkening skies
Days become years 
And years flying by
Who's gotcha mind?
No worries, we got ya favorite show,
on at its regular time

Nightmares invading our dreams
While we live ignoring the schemes
plain to see,
You don't know, but you feel what I mean. 
Pouring our blood, hopin' red becomes green 
pretending it's our hunger, not our greed. 

Wake! Don't wait and see!
One, two, three, You! stand up next to me!
Times are changing and the moment is here: fear or struggle, what's it gonna be?

Grip the mic, 
wit poetry takin' flight
Ink the page! Write!
Let ya pen spark the light
Cut the strings, spread the flame, 
Stand up as rebels to tame
and call 'em out,
Call 'em out by their names

Friday, May 2, 2014

Times, Byes, and Lights in Your Eyes

Time passing slow, 
time speeding past
It's funny how no single moment 
ever seems to last 
The sweetest slip by fast
Even the slowest skip right on past

We wake and begin 
counting down to our final breath, 
from the first moment, 
less time is all we have left
Though through the years we gain
as we grow and share with others 
human joy and pain,
Bask in the sun, dance in the rain
the fact remains 
that from birth to death, 
less time is all we really have left

Hour hand signing a late night rhyming
 with time ticking, and my ticker timing
"What is life without time?"
Is the thought filling my mind 
Electrons bouncing from ear to ear, 
side to side, time slipping by
These forces we can't describe
Gravity pullin' our hearts open wide
Time rollin' on from our start 
Takin' us to the other side as we depart
Without time, could we live and never die?
Without time, could we ever feel alive? 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Hundreds of Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions, Zero

A million millionaires
Feeding the world to their heirs
Livin' on the dividends
Never breathin' that thick foreign air

Endless wealth creation
Borne of man's machinations
Capitalization and contamination
Floodin' the market to the point of saturation

Find salvation in reasonable rationalization
Never mind the collapse and catastrophe
The radiation pumpin' to the sea
People gotta be free to destroy all that we see
in the name of the Almighty Economy!
Hear the call of that 21st century Manifest Destiny

May we be blessed as we bend and stress
Even when we break may we never rest
Day and night, burning fires to fill our desires
It's the Almighty Economy callin'
To our hearts dead in our chests
And at the end of the day,
May a bank account test our success
And may our sins never be confessed

Never a need to arrest the flow
Growth being sown
The order of the day:
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,
They proclaim behind the podium up on that stage
The sales pitch is always the same

Capitalism is the way
Just get with it, play the game
God is green and He wouldn't have it any other way
Opportunity and happiness await!
You're livin' in the golden age!

Labor arbitrage hidden behind the mirage
Of prosperity, sea to shining sea
the products of free trade being built
by an army of wage slaves
Brothers in chains
Hidden, forgotten, and barely paid

Back home, just close your eyes
and let reality fade
Live the boom, forget the bust
Let your soul go corrupt and rust
Feed your passion, fulfill ya lust
The world is all for you
And you leave none for us

Get what you can,
Want what you can't
Give in when ya brain is
Tellin' you to pursue
All you can consume
Chasin' the dream all the time, all at once
It's never ending, there's never enough

And when we turn the page
When we see the poison underground
and the venom flowin' through our veins
Will we tremble knowin' we've got numbered days?
Will we turn to our brothers, the slaves?
Will we look to the Almighty Economy
and pray that it saves?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deck Hands and Chairs for the Band

There's pain and despair
Rain falls and clouds fill the air 
Fire flames and wars rage
Rats gettin' fat trapped in their cage
Living without a care 
like the world isn't ours to share. 
History repeating, page after page. 
It's time to open your eyes if ya dare
Time to face the nightmare

Or bury your head, say instead 
"Others troubles aren't ours to bear..." 
Stop, stare, then when ya see 
the darkness closin' in from everywhere
pull an about-face on the nightmare

Return to ya bubble
Forget the toil, turmoil,
the bodies buried 
And smokin' rubble
Double down on life 
without a trouble or care
Bury your head anywhere!
Keep flipping through ad books named
Cosmo, People, and Vanity Fair

Things fallin' apart 
while we grind out senseless music
Pretending it's art
Poppin pills to "lose it!"
Life's tough, but Molly'll soothe it
Jaws clenchin' when ya use it
500mg of Mg oughta loosen it
After she gets ya mind 
to grind with the music 

Auctions for pointless art
Insanity and vanity off the chart
The status elite doesn't come cheap
Wealthy sheep celebrating 
the ordinarily temporary contemporary 
Embarrassingly exemplary 
Of logic and reason's scarcity

Millions for a painting 
While millions die waiting 
Caught in wars raging over
Finance and trading
The world needs saving
And it's humans I'm blaming

We're reading words without meaning
and it's got the masses teeming for more
Another Hollywood war 
knocking at the door
The next feud, the next fight
All keeping reality far from sight
Something's wrong, 
but it's got us feeling right

Distraction in action as we listen to the voice of a generation
who's got nothing to say. 
Applying "genius" to money and fame
showin that fool and genius can mean the same

Feuds and disputes staged on stage
Actors and feigned rage
just selling ads on the entertainment page
Grabbing all they can before the fame fades
and empty accolades
are replaced by empty days. 

The masses in a maze
driven to a daze
by flashing lights and variations on the same
that never fail to amaze. 
Craze after craze
dancing to the same songs that we've always played. 

In time there comes a day
When the piper says it's time to pay
And what will we say 
When we've got pockets empty
With no change in the tray?

It's not that ya always 
gotta have something to say
And there's nothing wrong 
with playing just to play
But we're neck deep
In the mass of trash 
Always adding to the heap
Piling higher and higher, day after day
Just to collect from the millions willing
to pay for the rehash of noise and scrap from yesterday

And it seems as if today, 
While the ship tips and sinks
Nobody blinks or thinks
of a single thing to say
To the band and deck hands as they
continue to work and play.