Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why Wait?

Who pulls ya strings?
Fillin' ya life empty with things
Masters of ya fear
Days becoming years
Got their hooks in ya belly
And their thoughts in ya ears

There's puppeteers, engineers
Performers, producers, 
666 seducers, 
but boy, you just a consumer, 
a daily grinder, 
a back n' forth zoomer
Clean suit, clean cut, just a little gut
But don't stumble, keep the pace
Welcome to the dollar shave rat race 

White lies and your eyes on the prize
Cast away from darkening skies
Days become years 
And years flying by
Who's gotcha mind?
No worries, we got ya favorite show,
on at its regular time

Nightmares invading our dreams
While we live ignoring the schemes
plain to see,
You don't know, but you feel what I mean. 
Pouring our blood, hopin' red becomes green 
pretending it's our hunger, not our greed. 

Wake! Don't wait and see!
One, two, three, You! stand up next to me!
Times are changing and the moment is here: fear or struggle, what's it gonna be?

Grip the mic, 
wit poetry takin' flight
Ink the page! Write!
Let ya pen spark the light
Cut the strings, spread the flame, 
Stand up as rebels to tame
and call 'em out,
Call 'em out by their names

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