Thursday, February 25, 2016

Twin Piston Vision

Let's do drugs all night
And die riding a motorcycle
It'll feel alright making the most of life
One last ride, 
your heart chasing mine 
and mine pushing redline 

One past nine, our lives in hand
twins on the power band
You're grippin', clutch slippin'
Two wheels spinnin'
Two hearts swimmin'
Dashes blur to lines as
We come alive for one last ride

Hands on my hips
Fingers at my thighs
Revs, speed, and lucid highs
Lights of the night flashing by
A first time feelin', angel and demon
Comin' at last, riding this evenin'

Wind in my face,
my heart keeping pace
In my head, new things I'm believin'
Lady I think you've got me dreaming
And I can't tell 
if it's the two wheelin' engine rumblin'
Or my chest thumpin', 
what is this feelin? 
Is that the sunrise I'm seein'?

Rub my eyes n' roll on ridin'
To see a new day at the horizon
So I was lying about dying
It keeps my senses heightn'd
But what a night that was
Girl, I think it mighta been you,
the drug givin' me my buzz
What a dream it was
Of rumblin' love

1 comment:

  1. That's a lovely dream! There's a definite romance inherent in sharing a ride together... possibly due to the fact that you're so vulnerable to all the elements together and aware that THAT moment could be your last. :)