Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Open Mic Night Again

Scott's back this week
And tonight I gotta gang with me
Katie's got courage, 
but Kirby ain't so brave 
Writing long form, 
he doesn't wanna bore
Open mic on stage, 
but he's holding the floor

Dj with the sound
In the breaks, breakin' down 
Poets with a little buzz 
Audio at open mic 
good as it ever was
Full house tonight
Been waiting all week to see what
These poets gonna write
Lines wrapped up tight
And darkness of hearts strugglin' to find the light

Nothing like TV
Open mic life's better 
than that reality
Who's new tonight?
First question:
Do ya write?

Anna's here for the ride
Cheyenne bringin'
A little muscle, a little might
Wouldn't trade her girl for the world
It's friendship for life

Into the wilderness
Scott rockn rollin'
With a riff n a diss
John aiming for Scott's pearls
(The boys, not the girls)
(Droppin' a plug for laughter like a drug ya shouldn't miss)
Finally It's time to call
A poet from the list!

Ariel won't put up with this
Get JG going, he's a master
With own show'n he's showin'
The truth clear and glowin'
Stackin' bricks to the book he's 

Keeping the pace
Pleading her case to check out
Kitamu for the coffee 
and a fresh new sound
And an effort more profound
March against the flow
To help the woman in our city
Who struggle in the street light glow

Another book, at $15
You gotta get a look. 
Denial is strong, it's powerful
Let it free, let it fly!
No! Fuck you! Get lost, guy!
Say it like you mean it
Cause ya do!
And ain't no body need
To be fuckin' with you
It's all about NO!
Through and through

Wing man flying high
Nathan bringing the heat
Talking crime and cops on the beat
Searching for a friend in need
Writing from a hole in his heart 
That's feelin' deep. 
Ghosts in his heart, in his mind
Now living before his sight
Spectre's in the skyline
Hopin' n copin' 
Page by page, line by line 

Moving through, moving fast
Jeff with a J lighting fires
While Amber's new to cast 
Laughing tonight, she's having a blast
Earning credit for class, 
Can't remember her last poem
She ain't reading, 
On safari, listenin' and seein'
She got Jacob in poetry bondage
Haiku' and sonnet's 
A flair for the fabulous, 
yeah he's got it 

It's time for sacrifice!
Virgin to the flames!
Kai bringing fire no one can tame 
Off the cuff, tremblin' just enough
Yes and No, she meant 'fo sho'
It's a rocky road to the mic
Reading blind, 
confessin', professin'
Gotta song inside, needing
Eyes to give her heart a look. 
None of us really knowing the courage the poem took 

Gun show in red
Got 'em moist n wet 
It's heavy and yet
It's got a smooth flow
Quick and easy
Come and go
We wipe the sweat
And it's on with the show

Katie's time is here
Shakin' with anticipation
Forgetting her fear
Fuck that, she's ready
Did ya hear what she read?
She's more than just a sandwich on Brian bread 

She's on loop with the rhymes
Talking about her life and times
Broken hearts, and long good byes
Love is gone, but she's hooked on the grind 
Words on her page saying good bye
And tonight, readin' with
no shimmer in her eye

Naps and soup from the one man troupe
Let's not drink piss, he's  got something with a stronger proof
It's heavy but it's light
We're hearing a tale of a fight
And seeing comedy swing all its might 

Jazmine our queen!
Bringing things we haven't seen
Pain and fire, surreal, 
real like a movie scene
Righteous farewell to a match 
I can tell it's the hearts 
And sirens I hear scream
A murder scene
Nightmares replacing dreams

Louise at ease
With a story of fire
And the fire of passion as she reads
The birds and her words alight
She's got the room thinkin' twice
She's lion reading to the mice 

Mom! I need a rhyme!
Just teasing, Levi, 
having a good time!
Love for his girl, 
better than any pearl
Finger clicks and he rips. 
Tears in his eyes, claps for love
Overflowing there's never enough
Rhymes from the heart
To get his start
He's got us all fallin' apart

Loraine tearing 'em down
Got the mic poppin' with her sound
She sees through the veneer
Her words got it right and clear

He's the master, he's the wizard
Call him Dr. never mister
A blistering pace, melting our face 
With wisdom
You tiny peasant, 
bow and thank ya God you were blessed with the presence of the Essence
Folks, it's Rick always with
Might on the mic
Blink and you'll miss your life's
Most beautiful sight!

A battle for the ages
JG and Jeff burning it down
With words I don't know
Just google that shit later 
Let's go with the poem
Off with his head
As they grip the microphone
JG and Jeff
At the top standin' alone 

Sorry if I missed a beat
If I didn't rhyme a line 
About ya fire and heat
But this got long, I got in deep
But you know it, we the poets
Running the corners, 
both sides of street

Tonight It's been heavy and light
But the streets are quite and dark
I guess this is time for the sad part
And we've been at it again
Open mic with the gang
Scott, Louise, Vernell
They throw a show with a bang
Rick and his rhymes, 
he's our main man
As we rock n roll
Typin our poems on our phones 
And feel the shake in our hands
Reading from the heart
It's a crazy ride from finish to start
Never knowing where we'll go
When we embark
Whenever ya need a fire
There's always room in the cast
For another part 
And Wednesday night
Open mic 
Always got ya spark

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