Monday, March 21, 2016


Whatta we got when we look around?
The sky a color like the ground?
Rumble and crack the sound?
A whisper when allowed?
A funny lookin' cloud?
Men marchin' proud?
A bomb in a crowd?
History plowed?
When it's gone,
Will we say?
What now?
What more?

It's the war for more
Folded flags knockin at the door
Movin money to the rich from the poor
Tune in at 11 for more
plus the Buckeye's score!
with just a dash of blood, and a little gore
writers dreams to ya tv screens
it's the war for more, now in HD
with stars fit to lead!

In the jungle heat, bare feet
trampled and beat
looking from the street
To concrete castles risin'
On the backs of slaves and vassals
as peaks on the horizon
Towers to a God who never speaks
For our climbin' all we do
Is fancy fightin' n dyin'
Longin' for the lives we keep denyin'

Corrupt and covered in rust
Bridge collapse, perhaps
Lead in the water pumpin'
from the hoop-jumpin'
people ya trust
And if the bombs don't boom
The economy goin' bust

Metal birds criss cross skyin'
Last thing you'd think'd be flyin
Ordinance drop got
foreign mothers cryin'
Barack, Carter and bunch'uh lyin'

2016 and we see the machine
Hummin' n runnin' clean
Grease the gears, grind the meat
The devil bent to level
The people on every
corner and street
Mission accomplished, Boy
Never complete

Some say
we should've stayed
Truth is we never left
Syria, Iraq,
Gulf to Gulf, we're going back
Billions for bombs and flak
Arming both sides and sittin' back
Watchin' em go tit for tat
While the people live with rats
The board room claps
with a smile and laugh
seeing revenue right on track
The Almighty Economy
Baby she's coming back!

And so what if millions
burn in the desert heat
Under the rumble and crack
Shells fallin' and bodies burned black
It just the woar for moar
Putting the pedal to the floor
White wash the blood, cover the gore
Paint the people as tribal and poor
Savage and nothin' more

Dollar signs on the mind
And broadcast designs
Learn your party lines!
We're The Good Guys This Time
Red and Blue, policy aligned

Shits burnin', creakin', and collapsing
While you reading lies, and yappin'
Blowin' powder and dancin'
Is there a chance'n
Hell they'll sell
Something you won't buy?
A time you'll refuse
To work til ya die?

Slaves built the pyramids
But you put concrete in the sky
Grinding ya feet til ya die
Working for a guy
Who's gonna water the desert
Til your well runs dry
You never gonna stop to ask why?

You ain't gonna tread the flood
Got ya head buried in the mud
TV left ya brain dead,
Hardly pumpin' blood
It's a popular club
Just kick back, unwind
Tune into ya favorite drug

Drones and satellite trackin'
White guys on stage rappin'
More frackin' fresh water jackin'
And gas clouds even
Got the white folk cough'n'hackin'
Ghost cities and more concrete stackin'
Mountain tops missin' and green rivers blackn'd
And I gotta know
How the fuck did it all happen?

Maybe no one gives a fuck
And its all just Trump, Clinton, and clappin'
while on goes one more war for more after another
Isis in Toyotas and Hummers
Sam's flags in the hands of their gunners
Trade war under the floor,
oil down and investors out the door
Schemes of banker dreams tearing apart at the seams
And ya running from
the screams to the screens
you plug in and ask for more!
A facade protecting you from Ahmad
While our boys settle the score.
And ya job lands off shore
Somewhere North of Singapore

It doesn't make sense!
This ignorance!
It ain't bliss, you're pissed
But you're criss crossed
At a loss for what to do
Or who to trust
Worn by war, boom, and bust
You gonna stand up, say enough?
Or follow the crowd to the cliff,
bend, break, and be crushed?
Man, why you keep lookin' at that TV
For someone to trust?

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