Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rock Bottom Rhymin'

I'm just a rap rhymin' junkie
Over the top, rock bottom
ramblin' flunkie rollin' money
wrappin' ones, snortin' twenties
Chasin' my last line with another
Racin' with a double shot of somethin' tougher
A bump n' grind lover
Burn a line, blow another

An introspection injection

Straight to the vein
lightin' ya up, easin' the pain
with an easy flow
a seedy come and go
a junkie ya all seen
but none'uh ya know

Molly, lolli!

She got me
Grinding my teeth
Rhymes in my mind when I sleep
Tip of the key to my tongue
it's bitter but I'm young
Lazers like glitter
got me comin' undone

Alliterate to obliterate

End rhymes and slants
Beaten with repeatin' consonance
An addiction that can't be beat
Just a rhyme junkie gettin' high
Thinkin' he bringin' heat
Mad rants of a bum on the street
Rocks ova' rum, and call'uh complete

Can't name too many poetic devices

Chasin' too many synthetic powder vices
It's been a rocky road
Would I have started had I known?
My first hit and that was all,
That was it
Felt like 'Sand Below My Feet'

As I met defeat, a fire was lit
That was all, that was it

Now it's sparks and butane couplin' afternoon
With bubblin' spoons and risin' blood moons

Trouble n' doom in spinnin' rooms
I just can't quit

These rhymes, I'm hooked on it
Just gimme... one... last... hit...

Lovin' gunnin' wantin' more, gettin' less
Stumblin' tumblin' on the floor I'm a mess

Rumblin' thumpin' this poor heart in my chest
Huffin' Puffin' runnin' short on breath
(thinkin', grinnin', that rhymes with meth)
Fumblin' crumplin' Evermore, Angel of Death?

Nah, just another rhyme junkie

pressin' his luck to the test
Now, bow ya head and pay
some respect to the wretch
Say it slow:
May his soul pay the toll and be ever blessed
And may his rhymes take control of ya soul
and see that ya never rest
when ya pen and paper
Get together to do the press
Amen, God bless


  1. Standing ovation from your fellow rhymer!! Could these lines read more sublimer? (Did you mention the liberty to create rhyming words? ��)

  2. Coinin' new phrases
    as I wax n wane
    through new phases!

    Ages 18-29 had some fancy new terms
    and here I built new rhyming words!
    Spittin' and hittin' verse after verse!