Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Sand Below My Feet

The Sand Below My Feet

In a world with no beat
my soul yearns and burns
in the desert heat

Years of blood and tears
Soak the sand below my feet
Into my heart the anger and pain begin to creep

Ringing in my ears, all our worst fears
From the sky the bullets fly
Boys die, "god why?!"
but that ain't the worst
bombs and a three round burst
The family thirst as another gets hauled off in a hearse

Justice laggin, foreign boys be
Fraggin, taggin, baggin
The bodies in the Sun left to roast, the suits toast
Nowhere to run, grab your gun

Our cries dismissed so we raise our fist
Our world turned to pink mist, you get the gist
Despair fills the sandy air
Over there, that bomb missed

They didn't see and I know
Oh I know
I might be next,
it could be me

For no other options
we'll meet the giants with defiance
we'll greet their violence
as history is ever on repeat
I say in this land of desert heat
Many giants have met defeat.

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