Friday, July 27, 2012


3:20 and I got another hour
Yearnin' for the
Flowers with the power,
My girls Sour and Sweet,
MmmMmm, what a tasty treat

In outta the cold, off the street
I Imagine, I dream.
From a light above my head
comes a beam of hope
shining down growing most wonderous dope

Are they ready? Nope!
Getting down lookin' through my scope

Equal parts Sun and Moon
beautiful in bloom
No worries,  they'll be there soon

As the hour of light turns half to night
Autumn showers
bring those forgetful flowers
From the roots to the stem
up grows a hazy gem
A jewel I highly recommend
Always in luck
My girls got the trunk with the funk
and they don't mind when I call it skunk
Punch drunk and
I just gotta show it,
one taste and you'll know it
One bite of that forbidden fruit
and I knew my love was absolute.

I can see it now
someway, somehow
In a dream tinted green
if ya know what I mean
I got my eyes to the skies
and my feet on the ground
I embark with a spark in the dark
I light up, and the ganja burn down
I ain't greedy, and ya know it ain't seedy
So let's get together and pass that shit around!

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