Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Away, Look Around

Driven mad by the drummer's sound
His beat takes ya up and up
while gravity pulls ya down
Walls closin in
Stuck in a tailspin
crashin' headlong into the ground

A rocky mountain way
or a rocky bottom on the way
brought today by the choices ya make
and ya won't be saved by the pills ya take

Deny, deny, deny
Plug your ears
Shut your eyes
Ignore it long enough
to make it to the other side

Rampant disease and mouths to feed
Those in need left to bleed
by those consumed with greed

Ya mind locked up
in the land of the free
Can ya hear their plea?
Livin' in a society
bent against reality,
there's a few things
we've gotta open
our eyes to see

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