Saturday, July 28, 2012


That god and his damned dirty apes
Filled with hate and never giving thanks
Last time he loosed the flood
This time he'll roll the tanks
That god and his damned dirty apes

Make no mistake
It'll just take and take
Because those stinkin' paws
belong to a damned dirty ape

See the evil taking shape
Murder and rape from those damned dirty apes
Born into this world with no escape
Just a bunch of damned dirty apes
Facing their god, a power irate

A bunch of damned dirty apes
on their knees to beg and plead
for want they want
Never saying thanks
for having what they need

An idea bound to spread
A bounty for you, then a bounty on your head
spill it all, make the river run red
or will it be disease instead?
A creative god bent
to tear it down
when those damned dirty apes
ignore what he said.

Baked bread
or projectile lead
It doesn't matter what you do
you damned dirty apes
will all end up dead.

See all he gave? Grip all he'll take
Hold on tight and give thanks,
You damned dirty ape.

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