Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cast About

Vote! Vote!
Get out and be heard!
Answer your duty
Democracy and Freedom the word!

It's an Election Day!
Yeah, cast the ballot, pick the name
Trump, Cruz, Goldman
They all the same
Talking change and stealing Bens'
Split tongues calling you
Neighbors and friends
And you jumping through the hoop again,
and again, and again

2016 and ya seem lost in a dream
Forgetting all the years before and between
All the war, destruction and screams
Whatever, just check the score of ya favorite team

Blue and red, tattered, rippin' and slippin' at the seams
Buzzwords fillin' ya mind light speed from ya TV screens
The TV stars, they beg and plead
Vote for me! Vote for me!
And you, what's a monkey do
When he sees?

Get out and vote! Rubber stamp it
Be a good dog and finance it!
Don't bother thinking
about power and who has it
Just live ya life, stuck in traffic
While the would burns
With greed to collapse it

Collapse!? Nah
Thunderous applause and claps
For the corps and their corpse
Up on stage reading from the page
Telling your ears the fears they wanna hear
Hopin' your eyes don't come to realize
he's a zombie in disguise

Words like cigarette lies
Got ya asking 'how high?'
And ya vote he didn't even have to buy

Go vote, it ain't mirrors and smoke
Really, this time it makes a difference
Things'll change
The innocent will shed their chains
Wars will die, and fail to rage
It'll all be history as we turn the page
After November, if you get it right, it'll be endless, happy days
(Or at least that's what the script says)

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