Saturday, March 26, 2016

Babe Bartender

Californ' at Warren and High
Clouds marchin, blue sky 
makin' ya wish ya could fly
Stoppin in, stopping by 
Plaid, Vans'n Cap'n on my mind 😉

Tacos too! Days like dreams
Fireball with Duvall on the screens
It's perfection it seems!
Heaven's here
Or Hell is the place to be!

Three feet of concrete
'tween you and me
But from where I sit, 
Girl, I like what I see!

Life flowing, lights glowin'
No where to be goin'
Takin' time'n rhymin'
With a little buzz that's climbin'
Maybe by now you're blushin'
But I'm just havin' fun n'
Comin' up with things to say
'Fore I close the tab
And get goin' on my way

Squeezing limes n' scribblin' lines, 
neon signs of the times
Steel guitars and barnwood pines
Got me feelin' better than fine 

Señoritas pourin' margaritas
Sippin', Tippin, 
Trippin' slippin'
I keep askin'
'Man, what's she drinkin'?'

I must be trippin'
But really I'm just playin'
Never knowin' what I'm really saying!
Just teasin' and cheesin'
On a day made for seize'n!

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