Friday, March 25, 2016

Ages 18 to 29

A War for the ages 
Ages 18-29 that is
Boys turned to men
And men turned to bodies
Bodies turned to heroes
No names, just 1s, and lots of zeroes

Youth and life come and gone
21 guns and their song
Storms from the north
Bringing Winter winds
Guns of August fire 
through November
And you people won't remember
Ya promise once more to never forget
But another war is all we ever get 

Chew 'em up, spit 'em out
Grind 'em to grit
Take the fruit, leave the pit
Brined and dead inside
When ya hear that battle cry 
Look through the propaganda pride
And call 'em out
Call 'em out where they lied
Honor the fallen, 
forget why they fell
Big Sam callin' 'em up
Sending his boys straight to hell
Missin' his legs, but, my neighbor's "doin well"

Fighting war for ages
Tombstones and unwritten pages
Jaws ripped off their faces
Blood dripped, tracing panicked paces
Living with scars nothin' erases.

Soldiers mistreated and abused
Fooled by "duty" and 
the entertainment we call news

Fighting for a win
When the plan is to lose
Tempt 'em with loot
Got em signin' without a clue
Teach 'em to shoot at what they see on the late night news
Now hear 'em sing the empty boot blues.

We call them heroes and
pretend the fight is for freedom
But never stop to ask
What's with all these wars?
Do we really need 'em?

Once again it's time
To remember the fallen
Ghosts of Tonkin' still callin'
Hidin' Ghadaffi's coffin, stallin'
Horrors still hauntin'
It's a web we're caught in
Countin' the wars our
Boys've fought in
And for all our fightin'
All their writhin' dyin'
Its only claps and closed traps
The support we're supplyin'

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