Monday, August 6, 2012

No Shelter

Hidden in the sky
In the clouds looking down
A mechanized battle cry
The steel eye
The satellite spy
Gonna enhance and magnify

He's got the time to analyze and track
To plan his attack
Ya won't know when to react

Monitor the situation
from a remote location
Rotating pilots in for the duration
Finally! Confirmed the target!
As the pilot's hands shakin' with anticipation

Far from the mutilation
A sense of elation, gratification
as the order been sent from the broadcast station
Got the target lockin' on
The steel eye singin' the predator song

Target acquired
Missile armed, ready to fire
Claimin' what he desires
droppin' demise from the skies
The steel eye gonna bag his prize 

Let loose a havok wreakin' shot
Ordinance comin' in hot
Jet streakin', heat seekin'

with no need to laser designate the spot

Strike success
On the ground
a mess, strife, and distress
and an easy lie to the press
A big fucking mess

Spin cycle denial
and forget a trial
Put the machine to the test
What was the problem?
Bad intelligence?
What can we expect from those living in tents
when we buy every story the hungry man invents

This time and that time
the steel eye
he got it wrong
Today we snuffed a couple dancin' to their wedding song
and I gotta know,
How long can this go on?
How long will you play along?

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