Monday, November 11, 2013

If We Would Remember

Country song on radio playin'
" Freedom isn't free and it's war that keeps on payin'! "

Da fuq is the machine sayin?

We remember the fallen and forget why they fell
American eyes mesmerized by the red and white of the body blue as it lies
with 21 guns pointin' to the skies
Firin' drowning a mother's cries
The tears well and our ego swells
to 21 guns and a funeral bell

Honor the vets and forget why they went
Don't question the war or what it was for
Just call it freedom's check for the rent
Nevermind the blood bein' spent
All vets go to Heaven, don't forget

Get 'em while they're young
and they'll attract to ya
Sights and sounds comin' atchya'
Promises and propaganda
Enthrallin' the young hearin' that duty callin'
"Get the training for the slayin' and maimin'
to rise above your generation!
You'll be home once the war ain't ragin',
just sign the line on the page....
 'n' there'll be no escapin' "

From Gulf to Gulf we've been at it again and again
Spirits of the fallen forgotten still hauntin' 
Nailin' Saddam's coffin, Chasin' the ghosts of Tonkin
Ya see the web of lies we're caught in?
Engulfed in the flames of the past
that never quit ragin'
Change the names of the cast,
there's always an enemy to be engagin'

Winnin' freedom from wars we didn't win
Rewind and play it again
Keep the sheep enlistin' just change the mission
Buy that youthful ambition with omission
and keep the gears spinnin' 
"We're America, We're made for winnin'!"

20 vets a day choosin' to end the pain their own way
Not fallen, but forgotten by empty promises
and training that didn't translate to the offices
Often left on the corner with needs they can't meet
The tragedy comin' complete
with over seas defeat
and suicide over livin' on the street

On and on it drags, as we ready the next attack
Brother's and sons buried one by one,
each with his story to tell
Jungles and deserts, the sights and smells
All turned to a mortal's portal to Hell
This Veteran's day, ignore the source
of the flag wrapped body bags
Just salute and ring the bell
Remember the fallen,
Forget why they fell

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