Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We hate until we forget
We love until we remember
The world turns, the fires burn
as we say goodbye
To another December

Another year of the same
False Hope
Wearing a shirt labeled "Change"
But we gotta remember this December
that change for the worse
is change all the same
It won't do any good, but there's plenty of blame

Mass murderers, warmongers, cartels and gangs
Underground or uniformed
Some violent, some tame
They all got bloody hands just the same

Humanitarian mission?
Call it an old wound with a new incision
A chance to spark sectarian fission
It's the same shit they've
Been dishin
Decade after decade
The same war game being played
ya know
good guys, And a day saved

The world makes another trip around the sun
And we see countries that governments don't run
Gangs and killers got fingers on the triggers
of each and every gun
killing mothers burying their sons

North, south, east, and west
Money is our god,
man forget the rest
Bank accounts test success
By way of the almighty dollar
May this day be blessed

Uncle Sam with blood on his hands
His drone programs
Taking out those Taliban
In Afghanistan, Pakistan
And everywhere-else-istan
In an age when to question is treason
I gotta say there's a reason
"War on terror" rhymes with error
If ya gotta know,
Just ask for a flag from the pall-bearer

The beasts were saved two by two
But we're taking them out one by one
Animals around the world
Stuck on the wrong end of a hungry man's gun
Long into the future
Whoever's left might say
"We had life living in every which way,
but the almighty Dollar chased the beasts away"

Corruption without interruption
Fuelin' wars of blood for oil
Senseless toil while
The fires burn and our oceans boil
Around the globe
From foreign lands to native soil
Life being freed from its earthly coil

Children goin' hungry while cats get fat
But its best we just ignore that fact
Why don't we talk about the slave trade fully intact?
Forced labor and sex
Bribes in cash are
harder to follow
harder to check

Today its 2013 and all around the world is a wreck
A mirror might be the best place to check
But you can watch and make the bet we'll choose to
Bury our head in our ass
Up to our neck

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