Friday, November 30, 2012

Write and Rong

Labels define and divide
Labels draw lines, people pickin' sides
Labels, lines, all just signs of the times
Labels that oughta be left behind

Theist and Atheist
Eternal bliss arguin' with coincidence
and the whole time our earthly bonds dismissed
 -Ists and -Isms givin' way
to clenched fists and schisms
Pickin' fights with our brother
not seeing we're all one, not the other.

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels making day seem like night
Labels make two sides and fix 'em for a fight

Left against Right taking on the battle
between the darkness and the light
One claims disaster
The other, calamity
A house divided, but still only one family

Labels bent to mislead
Labels to lies that plant the seed
Labels meant to deceive
Labels label the deception achieved

Socialist and Capitalist
Each a man of the people
Each fueled by a greed unbelievable, borderline evil
Both in the same ivory tower craving power
Forging an iron fist,
Each with names on his list
Both got dissidents shackled at the wrist
"Enemies" of the state that won't be missed

It just keeps going
Line after line,
Label after label,
Even some I missed,
but by now you get the gist
Labels gettin write and rong
crossed and crissed

Labels left and labels right
Labels define us and cloud our sight
Labels draw lines and divide
Labels that stick all the way to the otherside
Labels, lines, just signs of the times that oughta be left behind.

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