Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just One Drop

On day one
just one drop
could make you hop
it was an easy score
Livin' knowin' there was more

Back then the dragon was your toy
A thing you thought ya could sometimes enjoy
As the years grew his claws dug into you, now they pierce right through
Today he's your master and life is spinnin' faster faster faster speedin' towards disaster

A slave and his master on tour
and the fix aint so quick
can't make it stick
The scar tissue is gettin' thick
so ya don't feel the prick

Life is upside down
when you fly high
you sink and drown
get planted in the ground

Time for the show
and you can't be found
the line, full of fans groovin'
to your sound

Your heart refuses to pound
found in your closet, man you've lost it
you bought the farm
not with charm, but that there needle in your arm

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