Friday, September 14, 2012

The Rumble and the Crack

The rumble and the crack
5 day thirst and whip on my back
Livin' under a random point of impact
The shells leave nothin' intact

Movin' forward, lookin' back
I attempt to correct my contempt
I look to reconcile my denial 
And I find I can't
Lookin' through a view of bars and no regret
The blood on my hands take me to the days I'll never forget
The days of the rumble and the crack

Things taken away that can't be brought back
Buildings crumble and the bodies burn black
And then its
and Play it again, Jack
Again, and again, and again

Facing an iron fist
built by years of our complacent ignorance
We play a game of chance
challenging the devil's stance
Unified rants fall on deaf ears
and eyes blind to circumstance

Day in day out
The women scream and the men shout
It's Ready. Aim? Fire!
We gotta light the fuse, cut the wire
The rumble then the crack
more rubble as the bodies stack

Living in a living hell
When the only question is
"How many papers can it sell?"
Black, white, and red
How many fell?

The reports for profit
doin' nothing to stop it
Just a story to tell
of unguided shells
of the anger in our city and how it swells
Readers compelled by the violence and a funeral bell

So we face the havoc they wreak
Our future grim and bleak
When ya hear these words
does your anger peak?
Do they touch a rebel streak?
Use your ears and open your eyes
They will provide the answers you seek
Turn the other cheek?
Nah, They sowed the seeds they reap

Facing the rumble and crack
Where death and destruction meet
It's lock, load, and repeat
Oil the machine
Grind the meat
The devil bent to level
The people on every corner
of every street

It's attack and counter attack
as our cities burn black
Gone too far to turn our back
Firm in our defiance, the violence won't force our silence
As we face the rumble and the crack

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