Friday, September 14, 2012

Living on the Evening News

That doesn't sound right?
Whats that alarm?
What's broken?
Man, tell me you're jokin'
Say you were chokin'
Maybe a word misspoken?

The gates are open, so much for hopin'
Don't you know, that's when the oil spills?
Call, the boss. He'll say "It's fine, really, never mind"
He'll just cover it with dollar bills
It'll give us time to run for the hills

The people still don't know the score
What harm is there?
Only animals live on the ocean floor
Yeah, open the door
We'll spread it
We'll call it Corexit
Then we'll head for the exit

Ehh, nevermind the currents
But those people one shore
may wanna find health insurance

Well, for now we've dragged our secret asunder
Hiding our blunder
from their eyes
Facing black magic demise
another slice of the world dies

Well, at least for now
no one knows
And we can ride the profit flows
I mean, who knows how long it will take
for everyone to see what was at stake

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