Monday, November 19, 2012

The Law is the Law They Say

The law is the law they say
If you want to change it, there's a way
It's so easy, you can start today!

Just spend all your money
Just take all your time
Just lobby congress
Just untangle the global mess
Endure the stress, spend the year
and fight real hard when the election draws near

Forget reason, it's election season!
The law is the law, anything else is treason!
The slick tongued puppet in his robe
Dressed in black and missin' his frontal lobe
Gonna use his seat to suppress the defense
Look's like the truth didn't cover the rent.
Justice is blind (and dumb) is what they must've meant

The law is the law they say
And these law abiding criminals just can't stay
Nevermind they're just ordinary people
working an honest day
makin' what they pay
No, nevermind that.
They're criminals and they gotta learn
So the fires burn
And the choppers fly
Freedom goes up in smoke
For another unlucky guy

Just rise to the top overnight
Just join the inner circle and convince them you're right
Just endure the plight
Just bow to the military might
Freedom? How trite.

Forget right and wrong
All the people better dance
When they play the king's song
Dance and play along
Boy just forget about right and wrong

The law is the law they say
Don't break it boy or you're gonna pay
Now get on your way
Listen boy, no more questions today
Now seriously, go away

Ignore the things caused by the
Laws signed by white skin
of the upper class
A division built to last carried by
the backs of the colored class

Prohibition through attrition
With answers still missin'
A sinister mission aiming for division
A product of men's twisted vision

Really, just change the law, you know
Just change your entire life
Just to change a law causing strife
Turn your back to face the knife
Give your life to the cause
Disagree? You've got the power to change those laws...

The law is the law they say
get caught with the plant and you're goin' away
and you'll find your life on auction just down the way
Call them assets seized and you'll see a PD pleased
A kickback countin' judge at ease
Greedy eyes with dollar signs is all I see
among a people who forgot they once were free.

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