Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bury My Heart

Start to finish
Visions I can't diminish
Rhymes in my brain
Images of darkness, hell, and pain
Finding their way to words
On my page
Ideas borne of incessant rage?
Or the wisdom of an aberrant sage?

With no rhythm or melody
I've got my rhymes
Painting pictures of a dark reality
Maybe you'll wonder "How cold can he really be?"
But I hope the words flowing from me
Open your mind
And brighten your eyes to see
A world where your lungs are gonna find it hard to breathe

North, South, East, and West
We're puttin' our luck to the test
Mess after mess
One after another
Swept under the rug like the rest

From the fields and streams
To concrete jungles of streets
The mountainous peaks
to the barren oceans deep
Decaying waste leaks,
and the propants seep
Days "beyond index" turn to weeks
Leaving the outlook kinda bleak
Normally, anger and pain would begin to creep
But just as I speak
the Dow is about to peak
Just one collapse or another playing
Hide and seek
Sneak peeks at a world crumbling beneath our feet

Who knows the source
Of the flows
Of the ups, downs
Highs and lows
The valleys and mountains
Where my mind goes
From finish to start
A river of images flowin'
showin' a world fallin' apart

At the border down south
Native lands with a war torn
poor living hand to mouth
Children in the fields
The sun bakes and their skin peels
Living on whatever the suits don't steal
The game is profit
The score is yield
That's the deal

Fires march and the drums roll
Our thirst for darkness takes its toll
As the pain starts at the hole for my soul
A place where no lights shine to hide the dark
It's here I'll bury my heart

West to east
We see the war isn't over
No, not in the least
A decade it took
And we just couldn't kill the beast
Play the charade by the book
And don't hold your breath for peace
(Just ask: Who's next on the hook for the empire to fleece?)

Like the sweater unraveling from
finish to start
I see a pulling thread
on my heart
buried in the dark
with the forgotten dead
Bodies blue on an anger red
"Not I, not I" they said

In an East always in the middle
Lookin' from
the ground to the sky
We see the hawks fly
And the doves flee
Two years round and round
Circlin' the sounds of absurdities
Reels of footage thrillin'
Capturin' blood spillin' on both banks of the Euphrates
While the living hell of shell after shell saw
80,000 blasted away from this reality
A fight between the powers that be
Ya know, Inaction and Complicity
Fighting anywhere they need
From sea to shining sea
And all the deserts and jungles
in between

You can ignore what you see
Bury your head in the clouds
Grasp for eternity
And fill your mind with glee
But you'll come to find
By land and air or sea
your escape is empty

In a North,
barred from its South
More souls living hand to mouth
A tiger who wishes he wasn't a mouse
Opens a rift in the sky
And burns a chasm
in the ground
With no reason why
A violent spasm
as my heart forgets to pound

It's nothing new
Just somethin' new to dismiss
Death, destruction
Pain and avarice
From day one we've been
Teeterin' on this precipice
It's an unraveling
And we're all pulling our part
From start to finish
And finish to start
I'm livin' my life
Standing as a man apart

I've buried my heart with the forgotten
So when it seems like my soul is
nothing but twisted and rotted
Remember, I'm buried
with the forgotten
the locked up,
the dead and downtrodden
And when you finally bury your heart
You'll wonder too,
as its pulse is droppin'
For all our knowledge and all our effort
Where have we ever really gotten?


  1. I can't believe I'm the first to comment on this! It's amazing!! So much wisdom in this rhyme. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. This one has been in the works for the past month. It seemed as if everyday while I was working, I'd come up with another bit that I'd like to add and it went like that back and forth for a bit until it turned into what you see.

      I'm not sure at this point that too many people are stopping by to read what I've got going. I've shared a rhyme here and there on my facebook and I've become acquainted with a few other bloggers I stumbled upon, but for the most part I haven't picked up too many readers yet.

    2. Building up readers is hard, but you'll get some more if you keep reading and commenting on others' stuff. Your writing is really great. :)

  2. AWESOME! by far my favorite,and your best..