Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Open Mic Night

We got 'em all
Irish, redheads, and blondes
Daughters, brothers
Mothers and sons
No tellin' how deep
The connection runs
Through the ground

Scott out with the sound
But Vernell up front
Leading the pack
All the way from the back
Clayton can't hear shit
As he'll readily admit
But on we go bit by bit
No Mic on stage
Won't stop the show,
oh no no no
We gonna roll with it

With us tonight
We got a few newbies
One of em writes
But they're just Hayden's groupies
The boy gotta gang
Straight outta the movies

Though their image
Can be groovy
Early on and throughout
they tell us "Drugs are bad m'kay"
But jokes aside,
Its true what they say
The needle, the smoke
To the grass we toke
They all gonna put us
In the ground one day

A talk to make
The masses contemplate
A world on the verge of check mate
A message crafted to motivate  anger
over our mangled state
Writing about our mess
Others playing checkers
While we got Brandon playing chess

Rob bringing the heat
His heart drumming
To a high up righteous beat
Putting Christ on trial
His is a different bible
But his words offer
Their own revival
One of earthly acceptance
Not of heavenly denial

Love is in the air tonight
And we know its gonna show
When the poets start to write
Different perspectives
Differentiate love in
Individuals from the collective
Nerds in love
Lovers out of love
The lonely love
So much love
It's never enough
Love going,
love coming
Blood flowing and love pumping
The hearts on stage are really something

Scott got back
Bringing the Mic
To pick up the slack
And with Bryant
found outta town
Hayden been taking all the flak
Under attack, but for all this love stuff he just ain't got a nack
But its cool, if his girl don't
Like 'em white, she can have 'em black
Or if she wants, another lady in the sack

Jeff has pain and anger in his heart
It looks like a thread pulling
From finish to start
Hopin' and copin' with a world fallin' apart

Rick the wizard
Casting magic with his wand
Castles to pigs, and lizards
In a style of which
We're all quite fond
His spells spell concise
Bringing the might
Every night in a package
Wrapped up oh so tight
Rick the wizard folks
Every Wednesday night

The pen names help us draw to a close
So too the rhythm and rhymes begin slow
To a trickle from the flow
That's all for the show

It's open Mic
Wednesday night
Writers block got the
House rockin'
A party from 8 to 10
Always alive and hoppin'
Bringing heat some
Might call heart stoppin'
But there ain't no stoppin'
17 years and runnin'
And tonight ya see
The pace we're clockin'
Can be measured by the jaws droppin'

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  1. A fly on the wall is the place to be
    watching this crowd while the singer sings...