Monday, April 1, 2013

Dance When the World Stops

From the rooftops
I've got a view of the world
Watchin' when it stops
Bombers fly
And the ordinance drops
The fight rages and innocence rots
From the rooftops
I can draw a map of the world and its cemetery plots

Never minding right and wrong,
Rome is long gone
But the world's hegemon-
Is still singing the same ol' song
"Do what we say" they say,
"or ya won't have long"

The sanctions are filed
Approved and passed
By the sheep, lined up by rank and file
Served with a smile
And a dose of self righteous denial
Sam's got foreign governments on the stand
With the starving people on trial
Call it death and pain in a new style,
too much like the old style...

Gasp for breath, forget the cons
Less bombs and more death
Deprive the people
Divide their meals and
Take the roll outta their wheels
Then pretend they can
Rise like uncle Sam
Back in the days of his '76 clan

The people aren't fools enough
to take a stand for the interests
of a far off foreign land
(Seriously? That's the plan?)
They see the scam and resent
those who would use them as tools
when their government "breaks" the rules

When the sanctions drop
Who pays for the schools
Who repairs the tools
Feeds the mules
What keeps the desert cool?
Nothing and no one, now don't be fooled
The world stops when the sanctions drop

From desert sands and nearest islands
to the jungle mist, is there a line of latitude I missed?
Uncle Sam cocked like Dirty Harry
Policin' the globe with a black list iron fist
The king and his robe denyin' others while he consumes his way to bliss

But watch and see him hop
High as the moon
To his own tune
Though the track may be
Uh' changin' soon

On he goes
Never making room
For another point of view
Hear him say!
Just dance the way of the
Red white and blue!
Ya know, because we know
What's best for you!


  1. This is a fantastic piece! The visual of the rooftops really empowers the message. :)

    1. I came back to read this one again too. Really thought provoking message. :)