Monday, June 13, 2016

21st Century Dictionary

An excerpt from the definitive guide to 21st century language
presented for your immediate re-education    -The Ministry of Truth

: noun, An armored mobile weapons platform designed
to resist small arms fire and penetrate hardened enemy fortifications.
In a sentence: Powered by a 1500hp Honeywell ATG1000 turbo-diesel powerplant,
some American M1 bicycle configurations can achieve freeway speeds.

Hate: noun, Great concern for the well-being of others.
In a sentence: The man was so full of hate for his fellow men and women
that he imagined bright futures for even
the most downtrodden and vulnerable among them.

Rhinoceros: noun, A large territorial African mammal
known for its lumbering gait and extreme hunger
In a sentence: The American children's game,
'Hungry Hungry Rhinoceros' was remarkably popular
through the late 80s and early 90s

Wisdom: noun, A suddenly present, intense, vengeful anger
conjured by the memory of adolescent experiences.
In a sentence: Ever consumed with the past, displaying great wisdom,
the man reflexively smeared a stranger bearing a familiar resemblance.

Can-Opener: noun, A complex machine designed to
puncture a mechanically sealed container.
In sentence: Depending upon how a can was sealed,
one might choose from a variety of can-openers.
(I guess we still need those)

Uranium: noun, Elemental substance with 8 protons.
In a sentence: A vast supply of uranium atoms bonded
in pairs provides fuel for the fundamental
chemical reactions that drive the development of life on earth.

MoonShine: noun, Naturally occurring molecule composed of
two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single uranium atom.
In a sentence: It is recommended for humans to drink at least 
8 full glasses of MoonShine each day, more if active.

Reality: noun, archaic, Largely discredited concept dealing
with the world or the state of things as they actually exist,
as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
In a sentence: On the screen, the reality of humans in space is
hidden behind countless hours of make up, screen-play rehearsal, special effects,
and convincing dramatic performances.

Racist: noun, An extremely-white skin male
In a sentence: The all-consumed self-loathing southern racist
came to view the color of even his own skin
as a source of profound anger, frustration, and guilt
in his desperate quest for approval from others.

 Rose: noun , The single immutable source of universal truth
firmly grounding our existence such that we can
accurately determine most precisly
that a particular thorned, red-petaled flower
native to the Asian continent
is still that same thorned, red-petaled flower
native to the Asian continent
no matter what we call it.
In a sentence: ---

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Essence and Origin

In the days of old, times of legend
And wicked evils takin' hold
The people trampled underfoot, havin' had enough
A shockwave of light from above!
A gift to a land under the flood 
of sadness, tears, thunder n' blood

Torrents of ash, screams, blood and gore

Spinnin' winds and blowin' storms
Mothers in black as they mourn
But from this wilderness a pure form was born 
to save the world, tattered, shattered and torn

In that universe of free verse,

tall tales and volumes of words from being hurt
Endless days of Darkened skies
and rivers of tears
year after year being cried
Would you believe there
was once a time
when one might alliterate for a line
And a little rhythm
would ring with rhyme
Oh, how there was
happiness in those
golden glory days of
smiles and sunshine!

Blowin' winds flowin' change

Chosen to be the form by 
which man might be saved
A just, simple man simply going about his day
Then a light from above
and from above
Down a gift of heaven came
Chosen on that day, a man
Rick was his name

Chosen by the winds blowin'

to bring heat
to the world's cold n' frozen
Rhyme was the gift
To man named Rick
So he could heal the rift
Born to be the Essence
And drive evil to the cliff!

A world now risin' from the dead

The fire risin' higher and higher
That began to spread
It didn't take long
From that day on and on
Whispers of the name became song
Rhythm and rhyme found melody and time
And the Era of the Essence had arrived.

His kingdom was born

When the people worn 
turned their head
To see the light at the edge 
of the coldest night, 
wakin' from stones they called homes
They could hear him say in his peculiar way,
'Sleep here tonight, if you might, ok, alright'
And so Rick the Essence
found the peasants 
to become his Disciples and Knights

As his kingdom grew

So many had come from so few
And as their spirits flew
The people would take reason each season
To name him something new
Born to be the Essence
The peasants bowed
with respect in his presence
They called him Mr.
then Dr.
now Wizard
He found the lost, bore the burden of their cost
His spells cast away the frost and blizzard
Turned to stone the store of vile snakes and lizards

The legend of his spells began to swell 

as he transmuted to golden eagles and hawks,
the muted macabre lovers and buzzards 
otherwise confused, 
always picking their own old wounds 
goin' blind in sunless rooms
spinnin' tales of blood, doom and sinkin' moons

He brought light to the people

And showed them the joy of life
Spreading his words and the craft
Were his disciples and Knights
Swings of their pens and their swords
One and the same
Just dependin' on how you pick to fight

Rick the wizard

casting magic with his wand
Castles to pigs and lizards
In a style of which we're all quite fond
His spells spell concise
Leavin' ya feelin' contrite
Showing men they're mice
While keeping it
short, sweet, and polite
Knowin' he don't gotta be showin'
His Thor-like power n' might
While we're all already blinded by his light

He's the master, he's the wizard

Spell caster, rhyme blaster
rockin' his wand, wavin' his finger
Call him Dr., never mister
A blistering pace, melting our face
With wisdom, now listen
You tiny peasant,
Whipped with penance
bow and thank ya God 
you were blessed 
with the presence of the Essence!

Hit your knees 

and reflect with repentance
Get down and bow
before the man with the might of the world
dropped from a single sentence

The light from above 
that came to save us
It's Rick, the gift that god gave us
To show us the way away 
from the grave of poetry bent
to sadden then enslave us

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rock Bottom Rhymin'

I'm just a rap rhymin' junkie
Over the top, rock bottom
ramblin' flunkie rollin' money
wrappin' ones, snortin' twenties
Chasin' my last line with another
Racin' with a double shot of somethin' tougher
A bump n' grind lover
Burn a line, blow another

An introspection injection

Straight to the vein
lightin' ya up, easin' the pain
with an easy flow
a seedy come and go
a junkie ya all seen
but none'uh ya know

Molly, lolli!

She got me
Grinding my teeth
Rhymes in my mind when I sleep
Tip of the key to my tongue
it's bitter but I'm young
Lazers like glitter
got me comin' undone

Alliterate to obliterate

End rhymes and slants
Beaten with repeatin' consonance
An addiction that can't be beat
Just a rhyme junkie gettin' high
Thinkin' he bringin' heat
Mad rants of a bum on the street
Rocks ova' rum, and call'uh complete

Can't name too many poetic devices

Chasin' too many synthetic powder vices
It's been a rocky road
Would I have started had I known?
My first hit and that was all,
That was it
Felt like 'Sand Below My Feet'

As I met defeat, a fire was lit
That was all, that was it

Now it's sparks and butane couplin' afternoon
With bubblin' spoons and risin' blood moons

Trouble n' doom in spinnin' rooms
I just can't quit

These rhymes, I'm hooked on it
Just gimme... one... last... hit...

Lovin' gunnin' wantin' more, gettin' less
Stumblin' tumblin' on the floor I'm a mess

Rumblin' thumpin' this poor heart in my chest
Huffin' Puffin' runnin' short on breath
(thinkin', grinnin', that rhymes with meth)
Fumblin' crumplin' Evermore, Angel of Death?

Nah, just another rhyme junkie

pressin' his luck to the test
Now, bow ya head and pay
some respect to the wretch
Say it slow:
May his soul pay the toll and be ever blessed
And may his rhymes take control of ya soul
and see that ya never rest
when ya pen and paper
Get together to do the press
Amen, God bless

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Babe Bartender

Californ' at Warren and High
Clouds marchin, blue sky 
makin' ya wish ya could fly
Stoppin in, stopping by 
Plaid, Vans'n Cap'n on my mind šŸ˜‰

Tacos too! Days like dreams
Fireball with Duvall on the screens
It's perfection it seems!
Heaven's here
Or Hell is the place to be!

Three feet of concrete
'tween you and me
But from where I sit, 
Girl, I like what I see!

Life flowing, lights glowin'
No where to be goin'
Takin' time'n rhymin'
With a little buzz that's climbin'
Maybe by now you're blushin'
But I'm just havin' fun n'
Comin' up with things to say
'Fore I close the tab
And get goin' on my way

Squeezing limes n' scribblin' lines, 
neon signs of the times
Steel guitars and barnwood pines
Got me feelin' better than fine 

SeƱoritas pourin' margaritas
Sippin', Tippin, 
Trippin' slippin'
I keep askin'
'Man, what's she drinkin'?'

I must be trippin'
But really I'm just playin'
Never knowin' what I'm really saying!
Just teasin' and cheesin'
On a day made for seize'n!